Ways To Fix Galaxy S9 Gets Hot Issue (Solution)

You just bought your Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone but you are already feeling as if it is getting hot every time you use it for a couple of minutes. Well, if it is not getting hot for being used for a long duration of time, it will get hot for being left out in the sun. But all that can be avoided. Some solutions such as avoiding long exposures to the sun or a source of heat are quite obvious. Besides these solutions, we are also going to share with you some viable solutions that can help you prevent your Galaxy S9 from heating up.

Fix Your Galaxy S9 Plus From Overheating By Using These Solutions:

One very unsuspected reason for the heating up of your Galaxy S9 smartphone is an app that was recently installed. Some apps drain a lot of battery power and consume a lot of memory when they are run on your device. Such devices eventually lead to overheating of the device. 


To Get Right Into The Process:

  1. Just start by turning off your Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone
  2. From there, press and hold the power button, volume up and home buttons simultaneously
  3. When you see the Samsung logo, you can let go of the power button but you may continue to hold the other buttons until the device displays a Recover mode text that is in a blue font
  4. Now you can navigate through to the Wipe cache partition option using the volume button
  5. Select this option using the power button then let it run to completion
  6. Once the operation to wipe cache partition is complete, you can choose to Reboot System Now


Additional Solution Options

You can reboot your device into Safe Mode. From the safe mode, you can then restart your device.

  • When you reboot to the Safe Mode, this will be indicated as such at the bottom corner of your screen
  • To learn how to reboot into the Safe mode, follow this link on how you can get the Galaxy S8 out and in of Safe Mode
  • While in the Safe Mode, you will be operating pre-installed apps only. It means that if your device does not overheat after a certain prolonged period of use, you can be certain that a third-party app is causing the overheating problem
  • You may now uninstall the third party apps one after the other until you uninstall the app responsible for the overheating of your Galaxy S9 smartphone
  • Alternatively, you can get rid of all the third-party apps through a factory reset. This link will take you to the guide on how to factory reset your Samsung smartphone
  • We also like to recommend wiping the cache partition of your Samsung Galaxy S9 device. Try to do before choosing the factory reset option. Our tutorial on how to clear cache on the Galaxy S smartphone should help you to accomplish this effortlessly

All the solutions above have been successful in fixing the overheating problem on Samsung Galaxy S9 device, therefore, you can try them out one after the other until the problem is eliminated completely.

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