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Why Doesn’t My Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Screen Rotate

You must be very excited to get your new Galaxy S9 Plus but the first thing you notice is that your screen rotation is not working. We get to look at the possible causes and go through a list of varied solutions that can fix your screen rotate issue.

While surfing and checking out your favorite websites you may start to experience your screen not switching to a horizontal view when you want a bigger view for certain pictures and images. There are many reasons that can cause this and could be different for a lot of users. One of the most common problems reported was the Galaxy S9 Plus’ camera displays its content upside down.

The problem can stem from either the camera app or a third party app that uses the camera device. Complaints have been coming in from many users that the screen shows a mixed up orientation and shows on screen visuals in inverted form.

What Causes The Inverted View

If you are experiencing the same thing, chances are all of the controls that can be viewed on the screen are upside down as well. This can be very annoying when using the said apps and frustration has been mounting among users who face these issues. There could be a glitch or software malfunction having an effect on your smartphone so it is important to know how to clear potential problems through methods that will not harm your device.

We now share with you steps that can hopefully solve your problem. If for whatever reason, none of them work then we recommend that you check if there is an update currently available from Samsung. Getting to install new updates usually fixes bugs that cause these problems more so when many users have experienced it.


Test It Yourself

Make it a priority to try a self-test. This will help narrow down the problem that is causing the malfunction. Here are steps that you can follow to activate this:


  1. Begin by dialing a code into your phone app: *#0*#
  2. Doing this will activate Service Mode
  3. Choose “sensors” and then click on Self Test


Reset To Factory Default Setttings

There are certain instances when you can not get access to the service screen. This function has to be allowed by your carrier or network provider. There are many network providers who do not have the capacity to give users this type of access. When this is the case, then what you can try is a reset of your device to factory defaults.

Before you proceed with this reset, please read this guide and follow the step by step instructions that we have provided. This way you can be assured that reset is done properly. It can also help by checking with your network provider if they have come up with a solution to this issue that they have not shared yet to their subscribers.

Please take note that performing a factory reset will cause all files and data on your device to be erased. It is best therefore, to backup your files before you go on with the reset.


Doing A Hard Reset

There is a possible solution that may seem out of the box for many but has gotten good results for some users. We don’t recommend this of course but for users who have tried everything and would want to use this as a last resort you can try this with caution. Users have claimed that when they hit their device on the back giving it a jolt has somehow solved their problems.

What we recommend is the hard reset. Just remember to backup all your important files either on your PC or in a cloud storage before you proceed with the reset.


Follow These Instructions To Backup Media:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Open Backup and Reset


There is also another way to backup your important files which you can read in this guide here.


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