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Is Word Wars a Dating Site?

Is Word Wars a Dating Site?

No, Word Wars isn’t a dating site, but many people think it is. They use the chat feature to hit on other users, which isn’t the intended use of an online scrabble app.

In itself, Words Wars is a fun and engaging game where you can play against friends or random strangers. Now, Friends aren’t really the issue here, but these strangers can be slightly off-putting. Your best defense against such people is to ignore them.

Read on for more info about Word Wars and how you can use this cool app to make new friends.

Word Wars Is Not for Dating

Some people just don’t get it. Sure, there’s maybe one in a thousand chance that you can meet someone via an online game app, but it’s really rare. Still, many Word Wars users only want to talk to people of the opposite sex.

Usually, it’s the male players that keep making advances toward the women. Guys, just go out and have a real date! Word Wars is about having fun with words, nothing else. Of course, witty word play may be charming, and many people are drawn to intellect.

But if you’re looking for dates, better use a proper dating site, or if you’re the intellectual type, join a book club, go to the theatre, or go to a bar and try your luck. Word Wars is not Tinder; once again, you’ve got the wrong app.

How to Get Into Word Wars

Now that we got that out of the way, here’s a section for people who want to play Word Wars, not find dates. The game is available both on Android and on iOS devices, at their respective app stores.

To save you some trouble, we fetched you the Google Play Store and Apple App Store links. On your phone or tablet, tap on the link, download and install the game. If you already have the game on your device, you can use the provided links to update the app to the latest version.


When the game installs, you can start playing right away. The best way to learn it is by jumping straight in, and it doesn’t hurt if you’re good at scrabble. All language and word enthusiasts are going to adore this game.

Note that it’s free to play, but there are in-game purchases that get you some added benefits.

word wars

Drawbacks of Word Wars

Word Wars has many qualities, but there are issues with the game, which isn’t exactly flawless. Since the game is free, there are ads – which is to be expected. However, the dating app talk wasn’t without foundation.

Far too many people think this is a dating app, which is awkward and weird. Such users drive some players away from the game. Therefore, our advice is to play exclusively with friends and family.

A different issue is that some games seem to last forever. But why? Well, you’ll notice that some players don’t respond in ages. But instead of forfeiting the game, it will just extend indefinitely and count as an active game.

For that reason, there are probably better word games you can play online.

Possible Alternatives

If you look at your device’s app store, you can find many similar games in this genre. One of them is called Words with Friends, which is available for free on the App Store and the Google Play Store for iOS and Android devices, respectively.

This game is very popular, addictive and fun, and has received some great reviews. You’ll find ads here as well; there’s no escaping them with a free game. The app is pretty lightweight, and has been downloaded nearly two million times. And there are no reports of people using this app as a dating site, which is a huge plus.

If you prefer single-player word games, check out Word Find, Word Snack, Word Connect, or some of the many other similar games on your app store.

Games Aren’t Dating Sites

Some people are beyond help. Sadly, we all know those who’ve had such unfortunate dating experiences that they’ve become desperate. It’s no wonder they’ll use fun games as an excuse to try and get a date.

Word games are really fun and certainly help get your brain working. Which one is your favorite? Do you still enjoy Word Wars? Let us know in the comments section below.

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3 thoughts on “Is Word Wars a Dating Site?”

Barbara Agebok says:
I have tried to chat just about the game to people. But everyone is afarid that with these simple comments your after so much more. I hate being hit on, it’s friendly talk then it’s are you married, blah blah.. the game is fun to play it’s a shame. Some people ruin a good game.
E Bunker says:
Hey Arch —
That was hot. Want to grab a drink?
Kenneth McCarthy says:
I find it hard to upload my picture on my profile

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