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How To Add Galaxy S9 Fill In Words On Messaging

How To Add Galaxy S9 Fill In Words On Messaging

It’s possible that you have realized that the more you use your Galaxy S9 to type text, the better it becomes in registering words that you often type in your conversations.

This is because your Galaxy S9 is smart enough to identify and save new words that you type and then use them as predictive text whenever you are using the keyboard to type.

To make it better, there is a way to make it faster to save words that you often use when you are using the keyboard. In this article, I will explain how you can make the Predictive text feature to work better for you.

How You Can Add Fill in Words on Messages for Galaxy S9

  1. Locate the home screen on your Galaxy S9
  2. Click on the Apps icon
  3. Tap on the Settings option
  4. Click on Language and Input
  5. Tap on the Settings symbol placed beside Samsung keyboard
  6. Click on the option labeled as Predictive Text feature
  7. Move the toggle beside the feature to switch it ON
  8. Tap on the Predictive Text Option again, (not on the toggle)
  9. Search for the Personalized Data option;
  10. Ensure that the box is marked
  11. You can then return to the home screen

As soon as you complete the steps above, the Predictive Text feature will become functional. If you wish to add more words, just ensure that you use your Message app as often as you can and you will be fine.

All you need to do is to click on the app icon to write a new message, provide the new word that you wish to add to your dictionary, and then click on the word and further suggestions appear. You can then click from the list of suggestions provided.

That’s all you need to do to make your Galaxy S9 to learn new words as quickly as possible.

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Desmond Andrada

Mar 1, 2018

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