How to Manually Add a Location to Your Images in Photos for Mac

Posted by Jim Tanous on February 3, 2016
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The Photos app in OS X tracks the location information of images stored in its library, allowing users to browse and sort photos based on where the shots were taken. Most smartphones and some recent pocket cameras use GPS to tag a photo’s location as part of the file’s metadata, and the Photos app on your Mac will automatically use this information to populate the image’s location field. If your photos lack location data, however — for example, if your DSLR doesn’t have GPS capabilities, or if you’re importing existing images taken from an older camera — you can manually add it. Here’s how to add a location to your pictures in Photos for Mac.
First, head to your Mac running OS X 10.11 El Capitan or higher and launch the Photos app. Browse through your image library and select an image to which you’d like to add a location, and then double-click to open it. Next, click the info button (a small “i” in a circle) in the Photos app toolbar.
photos for mac location get info
If you’d like to add the same location to multiple photos at once, select all of them from the Photos library, right click (or Control-click) on one of the selected photos, and choose Get Info.
A new window will appear that reveals the technical details of your selected image(s), including information such as the photo’s resolution, file name, and creation date. At the bottom of this window is a field titled Assign a Location.
photos for mac assign a location
Click this field and begin typing the image’s location. The location feature in the Photos app is based on the Apple Maps technology that powers other location-based tasks in OS X, so as you start typing you’ll see suggested results appear below.
photos for mac assign location
You can be as specific or as general as you desire when adding a location to your photos. For example, you can type out the specific address or even exact latitude and longitude coordinates, or simply designate the city or town. If the photo was taken at a popular location or landmark, you can also search for the location’s name, such as “Eiffel Tower” as seen in our screenshots.
photos for mac photo location
Once you’ve added the location, a small preview map will appear at the bottom of the Get Info window to show the location visually. The Photos app will also add this information to the image file itself, so that you can access and view it in other applications that support location data.
If you made a mistake in labeling a photo’s location, or if you want to remove location information from one or more photos for reasons of privacy, just select the image(s) in the Photos app browser and, from the app’s Menu Bar, choose Image > Location > Remove Location.
photos for mac remove location
The steps above also allow you to reset a photo’s original location if you incorrectly or inadvertently modified it.

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