Keeping your Smart Home Secure

You can keep your home safe from hacks and IoT invasions with Akita!

Never before have we been so connected, with all our gadgets and gizmos conveniently connected to a network. This is made possible by the Internet of Things or IoT- an interconnection of physical devices and appliances in a single network. However, this presents a new problem of security, since networks are prone to hacks and other types of attacks and from here arises a new question of how you can be able to protect your home network from invaders to secure your IoT products?

Fortunately, the folks over at Akita are working to combat those attackers with a new ingenious line of defense in a single device.

Akita and How it Works

This device is a simple plug-and-play device. You can plug it in the LAN port of your router and it will automatically scan your network. If any suspicious activities or malicious programs are found, it shuts down the network and provides a report of the incident. Rest assured all your sensitive data that are stored in your connected devices are protected. You can think of it as a burglar alarm that isn’t of much use until an actual threat takes place and you will understand its importance. This is one of the cases where you’re better off safe than sorry.

Protecting your Privacy

One of the best things about Akita is that it considers your privacy very important, so it does not use invasive DPI or Deep Packet Inspection. This means that it does not read or scan data to determine its safety, so nobody except you takes a peek of your important files, which means total privacy. It also has good technical support that can be accessed readily anytime on-call i any issues arise. It is backed by Axius Smart Home technical experts that offer support for your problems with the security device. An app is also available for both iOS and Android devices that help you keep track and monitor your network activity.

You can find Akita on Kickstarter, and it has now surpassed its initial goals. By simply pledging $89 or more, you can access Akita with a special price and have it delivered by April this year. That’s nearly 36% off its retail price of $139. If you do not get yours before the deal runs out, the second batch will cost higher, at $109, but would still cost less than the retail price.

As more and more appliances and devices are beginning to incorporate the Internet of Things technologies, security risks are more and more profound. Make your home safer with Akita on Kickstarter.

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