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All You Need To Know About Old Man’s Journey

All You Need To Know About Old Man's Journey

Old Man’s Journey is a game created by the indie game studio with the name Broken Rules. Old Man’s Journey belongs to the adventure category of Nintendo games. All you need to is to point and click! The game was first introduced to the App Store around May 2017. Since then, it has been widely accepted by both critics and players. This is because of its amazing graphics and captivating storyline.

Old Man’s Journey on Nintendo Switch

You can now play the Old Man’s Journey on your Nintendo Switch. You can also be sure that you will be getting the same heart-captivating and amazing gameplay.

Although the hardware is basically different, the Switch version of the game is quite similar to the mobile game edition that was released last year. If you have not played the game before on either Nintendo Switch or the iOS editions and you will like to try it out, there are some few things you need to know, and I will explain them in this article.

In this article I will try my best not to go to deep into the storyline and what the game is all about to allow you to thoroughly enjoy the experience and explore the game as you wish. However, I can provide you with a brief overview of what to expect in the game. Below I will go over the necessary things you need to know about the Old Man’s Journey.

The Goal of The Game

Bearing in mind that the game is a point and click adventure game that has no room for dialogue, the Old Man’s Journey gives your room to explore and figure things out on your own.

Once you begin the game, you will understand the objective of the game is to travel across several landscapes and unearth the hidden parts of the past of this old man. For you to achieve this, you will need to find answers to some puzzles that are very easy to figure out and also rewarding.

How Exploration Works in Old Man’s Journey

Although you are allowed to click on anywhere on the screen, but the game has been designed to make it impossible for the old man to get to every location at the beginning of the game, there are times when it will require a bit terra-morphing.

For example, if you click on the hills and some other areas in the game, a yellow outline will show up around the edges. You are allowed to move your finger up and down. This will reconfigure the scenery so that the old man can reach new areas.

Waterfalls are Important

Although it can appear as dangerous, telling the old man to go down a waterfall will be needed at times.

Telling the old man to use the waterfalls that you find during the game will make it possible for you to get to the lower platforms on the landscapes

Ensure the Train Keep the Tracks

You will get to a stage in the game where you will need to board a train. This will transport you across the amazing countryside, but the puzzle here is that there are train tracks everywhere.

In a similar way to how you made it through the hills in the game, you will have to drag the tracks in every direction to ensure that the train keeps moving.


There are stages in the game where you will meet animals; some of the animals will be helpful. While there are some that will try to make things difficult for you, the easiest way to know their intent is by interacting with them and see how they act.

For example, just after starting the game, you will meet a cat that you can follow. The cat is there to help you to move past that stage of the game. Then, you will get to a stage where you will meet a sheep that you must do away with it before you can continue your journey.

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