How To Make Your Amazon Echo Speak Spanish?

The Amazon Echo ecosystem is spreading fast and Spanish is one of the latest additions to the Alexa language pool. The developers have been working hard to teach the Echo to speak and understand different variations of the Spanish language.

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Since a growing number of Americans are bilingual Spanish speakers, this new feature is a welcome addition. However, the Spanish language option is still relatively new so it might not be available on all Echo devices.

The latest update of your Echo should allow you to select Spanish from the language menu. This is why it’s worth taking a closer look at how to update the device.

Updating Your Amazon Echo

The steps for getting the latest Echo update are simple and easy to follow. And even if you don’t wish to get a new language on your Echo, you should keep it updated to ensure it runs smoothly. This is how to do it:

1. Connect Your Echo

Make sure your Amazon Echo is connected to a stable wifi connection

2. Mute the Device

Hold down the Mute button and wait for the light around the button to turn red. This confirms that you’ve muted the device.

3. Wait for the Updates

Once it’s been muted, your Echo starts searching for updates automatically. If there are available updates, the smart speaker will download, restart, and install the latest version of the software.

You can check the language settings after the update is completed to see whether there’s Spanish.

Selecting a Different Language on Your Amazon Echo

By default, Amazon Echo uses American or US English but you can change to another language when you first set up the device. Take the following steps to select Spanish from the language menu:

1. Get the Amazon Alexa App

You need the Amazon Alexa app to properly set up and manage all the preferences on your Amazon Echo. So, download and register with the app to initiate the setup.

2. Connect to Your Echo

Launch the Alexa application and tap on the small plus icon in the upper right corner. This option allows you to add a new device.

3. Tap Add Device

Select Add Device in the pop-up menu that appears and choose Amazon Echo in the Setup window.

4. Select the Echo Model

To continue with the setup, you need to choose your exact Amazon Echo model. Do that and proceed to the next menu. Your device should show up in the window and the ring light on the unit will turn orange.

5. Choose the Spanish Language

After selecting your Amazon Echo, you should be able to see the Language window. Tap on the language drop-down menu and look for Spanish. Select the language and tap continue.

6. Complete the Setup

Tap on Continue, select your wifi network and enter the wifi password if there is any. At this point, the app will inform you about the online status of your Echo. Alexa also tells you that she is ready to take commands.

Note: If the ring light on your Echo is not orange during setup, you need to reset the device and start over. In addition, the Spanish language option is still relatively new so it might not work for all Echo devices.

Other Languages Echo is Good at

The number of Alexa-enabled countries is growing every year. The list of non-English languages has expanded far beyond German and Japanese – which were the only two other languages initially offered.

At this point, Amazon Echo can become more romantic by speaking French. The French variant also knows a thing or two about the French culture. Besides France, the new Echo should also be able to understand the regional dialects of other French-speaking countries like Canada, Switzerland, and Belgium.

Besides French, Amazon Echo is supposedly very good at Italian as well. With the addition of Italian as one of the language options, Amazon has got all the major markets of Europe in its ambitious palm. It will be interesting to see how Echo takes commands and speaks all the different languages.

El Fin

It is safe to assume that Amazon Echo will become a true polyglot by this time next year. Spanish is one of the most-spoken languages in the world and its introduction to Amazon Echo is a welcome addition.

If you’ve been communicating with your Echo in Spanish or any other language, please feel free to – actually, you must – share your experience in the comments section below.

3 thoughts on “How To Make Your Amazon Echo Speak Spanish?”

Avatar LUG says:
I tried this but my Alexa App still does not show Spanish as a choice. I wanted to give one as a gift to someone who only speaks Spanish. Did I miss something? No Spanish, no gift :(
Avatar Spanish says:
I wish this applies also for Echo Show devices. I gave one to my parents in Argentina, but Spanish is not enabled for Echo Show devices.
Avatar David Coulter says:
Alexa still does not speak spanish. The ONLY phrase she knows is ‘como esta la clima’.
Avatar David Coulter says:
I bought an alexa made for the Mexican market on amazon mx. It speaks Spanish very well. If you want your alexa tospeak spanish, you should probably buy it from the amazon site in a Spanish speaking country. If you buy it from amazon in the US you probably cannot get it to speak Spanish.

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