Up To Date List of Amazon Echo Compatible(& Dot) Devices – December 2018

Posted by Jamie on December 4, 2018

The Amazon Echo can be as simple as a neat toy to play music while you do other things or it can be the hub of an entire smart home. Much depends on what you connect it to and how much patience you have to configure everything. If you’re in the second camp, the list of Amazon Echo compatible devices is long and getting longer.

I have collated what I think is a reasonably comprehensive list of Amazon Echo and Alexa compatible devices to date. It includes everything from home hubs to smart lighting and everything in between.

For our first list, let us outline the full range of Echo and Alexa devices. That is an ever-growing list.

  • Amazon Echo Plus
  • Amazon Echo Show
  • Amazon Echo Spot
  • Amazon Echo Dot
  • Amazon Tap
  • Amazon Echo Look
  • Amazon Echo Connect
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Amazon Fire HD Tablet

At the time of writing, this is the range of Echo devices along with a couple of Alexa-compatible ones too.

List of Amazon Echo compatible devices

The list of Amazon Echo compatible devices is now quite long. The more Echo that are sold, the more manufacturers want a piece of that pie. Amazon’s page of over 3,000 Alexa compatible devices. I won’t bore you with the entire list here but this link takes you to the page.

Here’s are some highlights of the list:

Home hubs:

  1. Samsung SmartThings Hub
  2. Logitech Harmony Home Hub
  3. Hive Home Hub
  4. Energenie Home Gateway
  5. Philips Hue Home Automation Smart Bridge
  6. Wink Hub
  7. Insteon Hub
  8. com Hub
  9. Vivint Hub
  10. Nexia Home Intelligence Bridge
  11. HomeSeer Home Controllers
  12. Simple Control Simple Hub

Home hubs integrate with Amazon Echo to provide the brains behind a smart home. Many of the following products may require connecting to a home hub instead of directly to the Echo.

Kits, sockets and lights

  1. Samsung SmartThings Hub and Outlet Kit
  2. Philips Hue Starter Kit
  3. Philips Hue Go
  4. Insteon Starter Kit
  5. LIFX White 800
  6. LIFX Color 1000
  7. TP-Link Smart Switch
  8. Belkin WiFi Enabled Wemo Light Switch
  9. Haiku Home L Series WiFi Enabled Fan
  10. Insteon SwitchLinc
  11. Syvania Lightify
  12. Insteon LED Bulb
  13. Wemo Smart Plug
  14. Energenie Remote Control Sockets
  15. Ecobee Smart Light Switch
  16. iDevices Instinct Light Switch
  17. Philips Hue Smart Switch
  18. Philips Hue Smart Dimmer Switch
  19. Aneken Smart Plug
  20. GE Lighting C by GE Sol
  21. Hive Active Plug
  22. TP-Link Smart Plug
  23. Samsung SmartThings Outlet
  24. GE Z-Wave Switches, Dimmers, and Outlets
  25. Schlage Z-Wave
  26. Leviton FR Plug
  27. iHome WiFi Smart Plug
  28. Osram Lightify Smart Bulb
  29. Osram Lightify Starter Kit
  30. Hive Active Lights
  31. LOHAS Smart LED Wi-Fi Bulb
  32. Cree Connected LED
  33. TCP Connected Smart Bulbs
  34. Eufy Lumos Smart Bulbs
  35. Nanoleaf Aurora

Smart home kits, sockets and lights are an excellent way to start your smart home integration with Amazon Echo and Alexa. Some work directly with Alexa while other will need connecting via a home hub. Check each product individually to see which is which.


  1. Netgear Arlo Smart Home 2 HD Security Camera Kit
  2. Philips Hue Smart Motion Sensor
  3. Yale Keyless Smart Door Lock with Z-Wave Module
  4. Logitech Circle 2 Outdoor Home Security Camera
  5. Nest Protect Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm
  6. Ring Video Doorbell
  7. ANNKE Nova S Security Camera
  8. Netgear Arlo Baby Monitoring Camera
  9. Rachio Smart Sprinkler
  10. August Smart Lock
  11. August Connect
  12. Garageio: Garage Door Control
  13. Skybell HD WiFi Doorbell Camera
  14. Scout Alarm

Smart home security has come a long way and now provides real life protection for your property. From smart CCTV to doorbells that call your phone if you’re not home, there is something here for every situation.


  1. Honeywell Lyric T6 Smart Internet-enabled Thermostat
  2. Tado Smart Thermostat Starter Kit v3
  3. Netatmo Smart Thermostat
  4. Nest Learning Thermostat 3
  5. ecobee3 WiFi Thermostat
  6. Hive Active Heating
  7. Honeywell 7-day Programmable Thermostat
  8. Honeywell Lyric Round Thermostat
  9. SALUS IT500 Internet Controlled Thermostat
  10. TRANE Nexia Home Intelligence
  11. INSTEON Thermostat

Smart thermostats can be intelligently programmed or controlled on the fly directly or through Alexa. They can also integrate into a more involved smart home should you need them to.

Other devices:

  1. Sonos One Voice-Controlled Smart Speaker
  2. Sonos Play 1, 3 and Play 5
  3. iHome iAVS16 Alexa Bedside Speaker System
  4. Invoxia Triby
  5. Garmin Speak Dash Cam
  6. Haiku Home Ceiling Fans
  7. Keen Home Smart Vents
  8. Automatic
  9. Garageio
  10. Fitbit
  11. Rachio
  12. ChefSteps Joule
  13. GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub
  14. Ooma Telo
  15. Neato Botvac Connected

These other devices can work independently like the BotVac or in your car like Garageio. However or wherever they work, they can talk to Alexa for more intelligent use.

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