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Will Amazon Prime Have Salvation Season 2?

Will Amazon Prime Have Salvation Season 2?

What’s going to happen with the Russian missiles? What is RE/SYST going to do? What fate awaits the 160? All these questions and more are answered in season two of Salvation. The season aired last year, and like many people, you’re probably waiting for it to be available on Amazon Prime Video. Keep reading to get the scoop on season two, the potential for a season three, and when you can watch them on Amazon.

Well, Amazon? We’re Waiting

Salvation was never meant to be a flagship show. It went into development in 2013 and aired in 2016 to follow up on the success of shows in the same genre. Specifically, it followed in the footsteps of Extant and Under the Dome, both of which had started off well but soon saw a huge decline in ratings. Salvation’s season one did fairly well and a season two was always in the plans but it failed to deliver on ratings. However, many fans still swear by it and even prefer it to the first one.

If you want to watch season two of Salvation on Amazon – you can. Season two has been available on Amazon from the get-go under Amazon’s streaming agreement with CBS. All the episodes are available for purchase right now at a price of $2.99 per episode as of July 2019.


However, you may be wondering when Season 2 will be included with Amazon Prime. That is to say, when will the episodes be free to watch with an Amazon Prime membership?

Sadly, the answer is probably not anytime soon, if ever. No plans have been revealed to include season two of Salvation with Amazon Prime memberships. This isn’t to say that it will never happen, but there isn’t any information about when or if it will. Don’t despair though, you still have some resources to watch the show which are free or very reasonably priced.

What Are the Options?

For starters, you can ditch Amazon (in this very specific instance). The show is made by CBS, who have their own streaming service. Head over to and create an account to get five free streams. This way, you can watch the first five episodes and decide whether to go further.

Alternatively, you can stick with Amazon and get a 7-day trial of the CBS All Access pass. This limited-commercials subscription service gives you access to a wide range of CBS shows both old and current. Seven days should be plenty of time to watch season two of Salvation and if you cancel on time, it won’t cost you a dime. And if you choose not to cancel, you will have access to over 10,000 episodes of hundreds of CBS shows.


Those are your best options when it comes to the free streaming of season 2. You also have a more economical option than buying individual episodes. Consider getting a season pass from Amazon for $19.99, which works out to about a dollar and a half per episode.

Will Season 3 Be on Amazon?

Yes, probably, if it ever gets made. Slight spoilers ahead. For those who watched season two, you’re probably waiting with bated breath to find out what Samson is. Sadly, the show was officially canceled by CBS after season two with no plans to renew. Salvation’s season two was the lowest-rated series on CBS’s repertoire during its summer run, attracting only about three million people to watch it.

Given the poor ratings and reviews, it’s not a likely scenario that the series will be renewed in the future by CBS. However, it’s not unheard of for streaming networks to pick up shows like Salvation to try and revitalize them and regain some of the original audience.

The asteroid-headed-for-earth theme is fairly well-established in movies but it hasn’t had a truly worthy adaptation on TV. This may mean that there’s an interest in resurrecting Salvation. Some of the premises of the show (the resistance movement, the cover-up attempt) worked well and could potentially serve as launch pads for future storylines. The asteroid-as-spacecraft angle can easily establish an entire third season.

The Awful Truth

Sadly, there probably won’t be a time when you get to watch Salvation for free with your Prime membership. The best option you have at the moment is to get the CBS All Access pass on a limited free trial basis. Alternatively, you can also watch the first five episodes on for free with your CBS account—who knows, you may decide you don’t want to continue watching it anyway.

What was your favorite part of Salvation’s season one? Did you think the series was good enough for a season three? Do you believe there’s a chance someone will pick up this canceled show? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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One thought on “Will Amazon Prime Have Salvation Season 2?”

Joan G. says:
I would like to buy season 2 in DVD but it has never been offered. We lost the first episode of season 2 and that was a very crucial episode. Our Directv DVR did not record the episode and wasn’t going to record the next ones either (until I went in and told it to record each week) even though it was in the Series Manager from Season One. I liked the show = too bad it was cancelled.

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