How to Add a Member to Your Amazon Prime Household

As a service that allows its members to access a number of perks, Amazon Prime is a worthwhile investment for many, and Amazon is constantly beefing up the features and value. These perks include free two-day shipping for all Amazon and Fulfilled by Amazon items, Amazon Prime Video access, Amazon Prime Day exclusive deals, and many others. This is lucrative enough as it is; the free two-day shipping alone is worth the price of admission, not to mention the host of additional benefits. Even better, these benefits are open to everyone in your household.

Amazon Household: What Is It?

Before 2015, you could simply share your Amazon Prime membership with any friend or family member. However, this was so lucrative that it ended up being overshared and abused, so Amazon revoked this privilege. The general idea has always been about sharing Amazon with those within your household. But what if you work on an off-shore oil rig and live with 30 or however many other workers in the same “household” that is the oil rig?

Amazon has found a solution in the form of Amazon Household. An Amazon Household can include another adult, four children, and four teens. In addition, a shared payment method has to be enabled.


How to Add Members to Amazon Household

Adding members to your Household is a simple and straightforward process that doesn’t take long at all. Removing a member is just as easy.

Keep in mind that removing an adult from your Amazon Household is a bit more complicated, in that you won’t be able to add another adult for 180 days. Additionally, you’ll be prevented from becoming a member of another Household during this period. However, there’s a grace period, during which the recently removed adult account can be reactivated, in case of a potential mistake.

Adult Accounts

In order to add the second adult’s account, you need to be logged into your own Amazon account. Once logged in, navigate to Accounts & Lists and hover over the link. In the drop-down menu, select Your Account. In the screen that appears, go to Shopping programs and rentals and then click Amazon Household. From here, select Add Adult and enter the login information of that particular adult’s account.

Teen/Child Accounts

If you want to add a child or teen account, go to Accounts & Lists > Your Account > Shopping programs and rentals > Amazon Household. Now, select Add a Child or Add a Teen and go to Get started now. Every teen or child that you want to add to the Household will have to input their email/mobile number and birth date.

Removing an Account

To remove an Adult/Teen/Child member from your Household, just go to Accounts & Lists > Your Account > Shopping programs and rentals > Amazon Household and navigate to Manage Your Household. Here, you’ll see a list of all the members. Find the member that you want to remove and click Remove under their name on the list.

The Benefits

So, why add members to your Household in the first place? In addition to the most coveted free two-day shipping, there is a wide variety of other benefits.

Adult Account Benefits

After adding the second adult account to your Household, you can share all purchased games, apps, e-books, and audiobooks.

Additionally, the added adult account gets access to Prime Now, Prime Video, Prime Shipping, Prime Photos Family Vault, Prime Early Access, Prime member Kindle FreeTime Unlimited and Amazon Music Unlimited discounts, AmazonFresh, Audible Channels, Amazon First Reads, 2% rewards for Amazon Gift Cards, and 20% discounts to diaper, baby food, and other baby product subscriptions.

Teen Account Benefits

Teen accounts (13-17 years of age) that you’ve added to the Household receive separate Amazon logins. However, the shared benefits of Teen Accounts pale in comparison to the Adult Accounts. Household Teens are allowed to create Prime Shipping orders, although every order has to be adult-approved before it is set. If authorized by an Adult Account in the Household, a Teen Account can get Prime Video, Prime Shipping, and Twitch Prime.

add prime member household

Child Account Benefits

An Amazon Prime Child Account is defined as one belonging to a 12-year-old or younger. Rather expectedly, a Child Account doesn’t have shopping access, although the account holder can access adult-permitted digital content on Kindle FreeTime. Additionally, an Adult Account holder can tweak the Child Account parental control settings for Kindle, Fire TV, and Fire tablets.

Amazon Household Family Sharing

Amazon Household brings back the benefits of the pre-2015 Amazon Prime sharing privileges with a twist. As mentioned, the sharing options for Amazon Prime have always been targeted at families, except many people have a loose definition of family (a pet dog or pet hamster, who not?). By introducing Amazon Household, Amazon installed a modicum of control over who gets to share what.

Do you use Amazon Household? How many accounts do you have linked? What is your favorite shared benefit? Join the discussion in the comments section and feel free to share your thoughts, opinions, or to ask any questions.

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