Android File Transfer Not Working – What to Do

Transferring files to a PC from your Android device and vice versa is usually an easy affair that usually causes no hassle. This is in contrast to other competitor mobile operating systems available today. However if you find your self running into file transfer problems then hopefully this article can help you. We’re going to go through a few possible problems and solutions. Even if we can’t solve your problem for you, hopefully you can pinpoint it and find a skilled person to help you do so. Now, let’s begin.

1. Faulty USB Cable

A faulty USB cable is a tricky one to spot. This is simply because it is a component that you aren’t necessarily expecting to go bad. However, it is probably the first thing you should check if you are having problems with file transfers on your Android device. Try using a different USB cable and see if this cures your problem.

2. Faulty Device USB Port

Unfortunately this is another possibility. We can not offer any advice on fixing this particular problem except to take your device to a qualified mobile technician who may be able to repair your Android device’s USB port.

If you have tried multiple USB cables and get no connection or an intermittent connection even when charging then you probably have a faulty device port.

3. Faulty Computer USB Port

This is yet another not so nice possibility to consider. However, hopefully your computer has more than one USB port. Try connecting to another USB port to mitigate against this problem. To confirm that this is your problem you may need the assistance of a computer technician.

4. File Transfer Not Selected From Notification Menu

In order to facilitate file  transfers in Android Marshmallow, you must select the option for file transfers from your notifications menu after plugging your device into your computer. To do this, pull down from the notification bar and select the USB for… notification as pictured below.


You will then need to select File Transfers.


5. Samsung Kies Issues

Samsung Kies has been notorious for causing problems with android file transfer. If you have Samsung Kies install but want to use android file transfer it may be well worth your while to uninstall Samsung Kies. The best way to do this is to first download the installer from here, run it and then select the uninstall option.


Final Thoughts

Transferring files to and from your Android device is usually an easy process and running into problems can be unexpected and frustrating. Hopefully we have shed some light onto any issues you may have been experiencing, even if we haven’t helped you to solve them.

Thank you for reading and if you have any questions or general comments please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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