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Battery Drains Fast On LG V30 (Solved)

Battery Drains Fast On LG V30 (Solved)

Claimed as best Smartphone of 2017, LG V30 skyrocketed to the market like a storm. Despite the good reviews it has been receiving so far, one thing that LG V30 users complain about their handset is that its battery dies quickly. Experts speculated that the problem is caused by bugs in the Android software which needs to be fixed. Being an expert on handheld devices such as LG V30, Recomhub will be sharing you our takes on the issue and what to do to solve it.

Restarting or Rebooting your LG V30

Most of the Android Software related issues are solved by performing a factory reset on your smartphone. It’s because your phone will be able to have a fresh start, just like when you first bought it. To know more about how to perform it, please read reboot & reset the V30.

Managing or Disabling Background Sync

Just like what we mentioned in our previous article, background applications drain your LG V30’s battery fast. So we suggest it and manually updating it on your free time. To do this, use your two fingers to swipe down your screen to access the quick settings. Browse for Sync then press to deactivate it.

An alternative way is to head to Settings > Accounts > Disable the Sync of your chosen application. One great tip, disable the Facebook Background tip, you’ll see a massive difference on your battery life.

Turn off the Location, Bluetooth, and LTE

We all know that these features are all useful. However, when it’s still activated even though you’re not using them, really drains your LG V30’s battery super quickly. Especially the Bluetooth, which is the biggest silent killer of them all. So in order to save more battery life, disable these three features when not in use. If you don’t want to disable the Location (GPS), we suggest putting your LG V30 into power saving mode. This feature enables your Location to only be activated when necessary, especially for navigation.

Activating LG V30’s Power Saving Mode

One of the best, if not the best Android Feature. It helps your phone save a lot of battery life by restriction a lot of unnecessary features like Background Data, GPS, Backlit Keys, etc. Also, it limits the performance of your LG V30 by lowering the frame rate of its screen and tweaking your processor into something that won’t drain your battery heavily. Power Saving Mode can be activated automatically or manually.

Turning OFF the WiFi

The most used feature on your smartphone, WiFi is the biggest drainer of them all especially if it’s ON the whole day. Not all the time we’re surfing the internet, so it’s best that we turn OFF this feature when not in use. Another tip, when you’re using your data/mobile connection, leaving your WiFi open is one of the biggest no-nos in Battery Saving 101, for obvious reasons.

Change the TouchWiz Launcher

This feature not only sucks the life out of your LG V30’s battery but also steals a lot of your RAM and consistently runs in your background. We advise you to use Nova Launcher instead for better battery management and performance.

Lessen the Amount of Tethering

You should minimize the amount of tethering happening on your LG V30. Given that it does a great job in connecting other devices to the net, it does more damage by draining your battery super fast. We suggest that you turn off this feature, or lessen the time you’re using it.

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