Google Chrome Running Slow On iPhone X (Solution)

Posted by nik on December 6, 2017

If you are using or you have recently bought an iPhone X and you notice that all of sudden your Google Chrome has stopped or runs so slow every time you will use it to search something important online or search the answers you are looking for on your project or assignment. The Same issue may also apply when you are using the applications such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Youtube, and WhatsApp. There are several reasons or causes that make the Google Chrome of the Apple iPhone X run so slow or worst the pages are not loading. So below are some of the reasons why we encounter these kinds of problems on our iPhone X before we proceed on how to fix and solve these problems.

Common Causes of Slow Internet Speed of an iPhone X

  • Poor connection to Wifi network
  • Having a low or poor signal strength
  • Many users are accessing or connecting the website or the website is experiencing heavy load
  • Large numbers of users are connected to the network or in other term having a network congestion
  • There are applications running in the background
  • Having a low device memory
  • Having a full or corrupted internet cache
  • Having an old version. You must update the firmware for your iPhone X
  • Old or outdated software version for your browser
  • You have exceeded the allowable capacity of your data

The above mentioned are the different reasons or causes of having a slow connection to the Internet for your iPhone X. When you are done checking all the given possible causes, and still you can’t fix your bad Internet connection problem, you may follow the steps or instructions below to fix the issue of your iPhone X.

The Cache Must be Cleared

Most of the time, the mentioned method above can already help your iPhone X in solving the problem of your slow Internet. But for some reason, if the problem has not yet been solved try completing the “wipe cache partition” to fix the problem. You don’t have to worry about this method because it won’t affect the data of your photos, messages, and videos, it will be completely safe. For Android users, just go to Recovery Mode and click “Wipe Cache Partition”, but for the iPhone users, read and understand this link on how to clear iPhone X phone cache

Turn Off WiFi-Assist on Apple iPhone X

It is common for your iPhone X to be connected to the weak or low WiFi signal. Better check your WiFi settings or disable your WiFi connection. Below is the step to turn OFF or deactivate your Wifi.

  1. Switch ON the Apple iPhone X
  2. Click the Settings
  3. Click the Cellular
  4. Search the WiFi Assist
  5. Switch OFF the toggle of your WiFi Assist. So that you can freely choose from the open WiFi connections available that have the strongest signal

Seek for Technical Support

If you have tried doing everything listed above and still none of it has fixed your problem on the slow connection of Internet for your iPhone X. It is highly recommended that you should seek and look for a technical support on the nearest Apple Store to get your phone fixed by their licensed Technician. If the phone cannot be fixed or proven that it is a defective device then your phone will be replaced.