How to Use Battery Saver Mode in Pokémon Go

Posted by Heather on July 16, 2016
Pokemon Go Battery Saver

Pokémon Go is great fun, but it sucks the life out of your mobile device. Finding all those coins, candy, and stardust drains it down. It’s using your phone’s battery, GPS, and camera function continually as you’re playing, so if you’re constantly charging your device to keep playing Pokémon Go all day, we’ve got a battery saving tip for you.

Pokémon Go Settings

You’ll have to access your Pokémon Go app settings within the Pokémon game. Not sure how to do that? Well, here’s what you’ll do:

  1. Tap on the Pokeball in the bottom middle of the Pokémon Go app.                                                               Pokemon Menu
  2. On the next screen, tap “Settings” in the upper right-hand corner of your mobile device’s screen.                                  Pokemon Settings in game
  3. Go down to the fourth item in the “Settings” list that says “Battery Saver” and check it off.                            Battery Saver Pokemon Go

All this does is slow down the most battery-sucking processes between navigating to your next adventure, battle, or Pokestop. The game will still run on your mobile device and alert you with a vibration or sound if something pops up. The Pokémon Go battery saver is also supposed to dim your mobile device’s display and slow down information requests from the game’s server.

Other Ways to Save Battery Usage

There are several other ways you can save your mobile device from consuming so much battery power—as well as data usage. These are the ones you should consider putting to use:

  • Go to your device’s built-in brightness control and put the screen as dimly-lit as you can while still being able to view it.  brightness setting
  • Turn off the location services until you need to use it for Pokémon Go. The GPS drains some mobile devices’ batteries quickly on its own—and now you’re asking even more of your device. It also uses your mobile data—and you don’t want a surprise data overage charge.
  • Disable the Background App Refresh in your Settings menu. This way, all apps on your mobile device won’t constantly be going out there to retrieve information and updating themselves on your mobile data plan or over Wi-Fi.                                       Background App Refresh
  • You may want to turn off the AR by sliding the button into the off position when you’re catching Pokémon. It’ll replace the real-time background with an animated cartoon-looking background instead, and won’t use your camera.  AR button Pokemon
  • Shut off Bluetooth unless you need your Bluetooth enabled. This is another known battery killer.

This covers the settings to enhance your battery life for Pokémon Go—and just in general. You could get a secondary battery for your Android mobile device or invest in a portable charger to carry with you, which could also help out. Either way, once you’ve used some or all of these suggestions, you’ll most likely see an improvement and take some strain off of your mobile device’s battery.

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