25 Best ’80s Movies Streaming on Netflix – August 2017

What is it about the ’80s that make people so nostalgic? The music was great if you like Depeche Mode and New Order, synth-pop, and the Talking Heads. While most of us could live without the shoulder pads and teased hair, you have to admit, it was a great time for movies.

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The movies of the ’80s have a lighthearted quality. Of course, there are always exceptions, but, it’s almost as if Hollywood finally realized (and since forgot) that they were creating entertainment. Not social commentary, not proselytizing, not consciousness-raising, although those things have their places. ’80s movies weren’t trying to save the world, they were just entertaining people. The summer blockbusters were in full bloom, but so were the rom-coms, the heartfelt dramas, love stories, and small thrillers. If they were formulaic, the formula worked, and the movies made good on what they promised.

Another thing the ’80s movies did well was special effects. Although the Star Wars franchise transformed the world of special effects way back in the ’70s, audiences weren’t so jaded, and new effects were being created to wow audiences all the time. Movies went at a slower pace and took the time to develop characters and relationships–something often missing from today’s tentpoles. The children were more like children, believable and relatable. Just take Elliott and Gerdie from E.T.

Next time you’re in the mood for some fun, lighthearted entertainment, Netflix has these excellent movies on offer.

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John says:
Need more movies from 1980 more variety
Neena says:
Need more 80s movies , better selection

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