The Best Apps to Add Text to Photos on Android – May 2019

The world has never seen so many photos being taken every day than now. Everyone has a smartphone and social media profiles where they can share special moments with the rest of the world.

But sometimes, your photos need an extra touch before you post them online. Adding text to your photo can make all the difference in how people perceive it. Not only that, but you can also express yourself better and display your creativity.

Whether you want to display a statement on your profile picture, or you just want to crack a joke for your friends, adding a message to a photo can produce a longer-lasting impact. It could also help your business by increasing your exposure on social media.

So, if you own an Android phone, and if you feel like adding text to your photos, we’ve selected the most popular free apps designed for that purpose.

Top Android Apps for Adding Text to Photos

1. Phonto


If you want a well-designed app with an easy-to-use interface, Phonto is what you are looking for. It comes with over 200 basic fonts that will help you express how you feel and make your photos stand out. If that’s not enough, you can always download even more fonts!

The app allows you to place the text in any position and change the color, the alignment, and everything else you can imagine. Phonto is free for download, but you might want to go premium if you don’t like skipping ads all the time.

2. Textgram


Sure, everyone can take a photo with a smartphone, but editing and adding text to a photo often requires some extra effort. Textgram is designed to make things as quick and straightforward as possible. It comes with an option that allows you to share your edited photos directly on Instagram.

There are plenty of stickers, filters, and backgrounds that you can choose from to further customize images in Textgram. The aspect ratio settings will help you create perfect Facebook covers and resize your photos for any other social media platform.

It’s a great app, but you will have to spend some money to unlock all of the editing features.

3. PicLab


Every serious smartphone photographer needs an editing app that makes it possible to add text to a photo. Well, PicLab can do so much more! There are dozens of fun fonts you can use, and the app also allows you to rotate and resize the text almost effortlessly.

But that’s not all, PicLab comes with all kinds of artwork, photo filters, and effects that will expand your options even further. You can use the drawing tool to write the text by hand as well. The possibilities are endless, but you might want to get rid of the ads first.

4. Salt


With over 500,000 installs in 2018, Salt has become one of the most popular text-to-photo apps. It is praised for the user-friendly interface and how easy it is to add text to a photo. All you have to do is double tap the text box and voila! It’s the perfect tool for business owners that want to add logos to their posts on social media.

You can also resize and crop photos and add watermarks and logos with ease. Business owners all over the world find it very handy, though some average smartphone photographer might not.

5. Font Studio

font studio

If you want to become a true artist, install Font Studio and you will get a set of features that turns you into a professional. The app comes with 120 built-in fonts that are very easy to use. You can even add multiple layers of text, change the size and color, and apply all kinds of filters to make your photos unique.

You can download it for free in the Google Play Store if you don’t mind the ads.

6. Add Text to Photo

Add text to photo app

As you might have figured out, the Add Text to Photo app is designed for that very purpose. It comes with all the tools needed for a creative outburst of text in photos. You won’t be able to edit the photos beyond that, which isn’t the point – it’s all about the text!

You can choose from a variety of fonts, speech bubbles, and cool text formatting features you won’t find in any other similar apps. When you are done, tap the share button and share them online directly. Again, be ready to battle ads while editing.

Final Thoughts

Adding text to photos can serve a lot of purposes, especially for promoting businesses. All of the apps listed above are designed to make adding text to photos simple and easy. You can express yourself quickly and experiment with all kinds of editing tools. Try one, or try them all. You will have fun, that’s for sure!

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