The Best Camera Apps for the iPhone

Posted by Kale Havervold on April 18, 2017

While they once were considered a cool addition, cameras in cell phones are basically standard in most phones at this point. Not only that, but the cameras in phones nowadays are better than ever and can stand up to many cameras now. However, despite how much they have grown, they are still all about simplicity and ease of use for the millions of iPhone users out there in the world.

While cameras on most modern smartphones (including the iPhone) are pretty good and more than capable of working for most people, they are not perfect and are not fully-functioned. As a result, numerous app creators out there have created apps to improve on the features of the native iPhone camera in one way or another. The various apps you see on this list will all look at taking your mobile photography to the next level.

This could be anything from better shooting, increased editing power, more options, a community or anything in between. While this article will include many apps that have the best actual camera, some will be included more for their editing or other features that people love in their camera apps. Being that this is one of the most crowded and over-populated niches in the App Store, there are a ton of options to choose from, some good and some bad. But any of the apps included on this list will be worth a download and will offer you something great or unique.

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When you see the name Adobe in front of an app or a program, you know it is going to be good. And Lightroom is no exception. This app enables you to capture, craft and share your photos with ease. The app has you covered from start to finish in the photo creation process.

The app features a camera that can shoot raw HDR photos and has a number of different options you can adjust to get the perfect shot. Once you haven taken the photo, you have a litany of editing tools available for you to customize the photo in any way you want. Many of the features of this app are available without paying a dime, but others require a paid subscription as well. The app also allows you to share these photos to various different social media platforms, right from the app.

There are also a few other great photo apps from Abode that are also worth a download. These include apps like Spark, Photoshop Express and more. Any of these apps are a great option for a camera and can help your photos be better than ever.

In this article, many of the apps will serve more than one purpose. For example, some might be an editor with the capability to also shoot photos, and some might be a camera with a few editing options. However, that is not the case with Focus. This app is simply one of the best pure camera apps available on the iPhone.

Focus is among the easiest and most powerful cameras in the entire category and is full of a number of fantastic features. The most impressive of all the features is likely the full manual control of things like focus, ISO, shutter speed, white balance and more.

The app also comes complete with different timers, RAW capturing, 3D level and other helpful and intuitive features as well. All of these amazing features help you be able to capture great photos that you simply couldn't get on many other apps. While the editing capabilities of this app are lacking, the amazing in-app camera makes up for that tenfold.

This is another app that will take your mobile photography to the next level. With its various shooting options, great presets and powerful features, this app will help you shoot more and edit less. There are numerous gesture-based controls that make getting the right shot easier than ever.

The presets in this app are also incredible and you can see just how much effort and time they put into forming and creating them. The curves tool in the app also lets you control various details in the photo such as the shadows, highlights, midtones and more. These are just a few of the great features that warrant this app a spot in this article.

The app is able to be downloaded and used for free, but there are also a few features that can be unlocked via in-app purchases of a few dollars. This app will also help teach you a bit about how different film stocks affect images, and many more things about the art and history of photography and film. This is definitely among the best camera apps for the iPhone and there was no way we could keep it off this list.

Seemingly one of the biggest crimes in photo and video capturing over the last little while has been vertical videos. Vertical videos are hard to watch and simply do not look as good or professional as horizontal ones do. However, not everyone thinks to turn their camera around to the horizontal mode before capturing some great photos and videos.

Thankfully, this app solves that problem for everyone. Horizon Camera is an app that simply lets you record horizontal video and take horizontal photos, no matter how you like to hold your device. The app even allows you to add filters to these shots. Horizon also auto-levels all of your photos to ensure that they are not overly shaky or hard to watch.

The app supports multiple different resolutions, has many different options and features and is able to be used for free. There is a premium membership and some in-app purchases for extra features, but the free app should be more than enough for most people. Yes, this is a bit of a gimmick app, but it is one that works and has some fairly impressive options included as well.

While many of these apps have and will have the camera as the sole or main feature, this app is different. Snapseed is a professional and complete photo editing app, right on your iPhone. The app is also developed by Google, so you know it's solid. Snapseed has over 20 different tools and features and can turn any picture or photo into a masterpiece.

First, you can open either Jpg or RAW files and then edit that photo using one of the 20+ features including brush, structure, crop, tune, curves, white balance and more. All of these tools and options can be tweaked with fine and tweaked control. The app also includes a lot of tips and tricks on using the various different tools to perferction.

While Snapseed is mainly a photo editing app, they do include a camera with a few features that can take photos for you. While it is not going to wow you like some of the other in-app cameras on this list, it is more than good enough for its purpose. Between the many editing tools in this app, the fact it includes a camera and the fact it is completely free, this app definitely has earned its spot on this list of the best camera apps.

Like a few other apps on this list, the camera functionality of this app is the star of the show. There are many different modes you can shoot in, which help you maintain full control of the app. There is a full manual mode for those who want to be able to control every aspect of the photo, and there is an automatic mode for those who want to be able to snap great shots without a lot of input on their end.

The app features a great swipe system for changing shutter speed, focus, white balance, exposure and more. There are also a few buttons on the screen that you can assign whichever feature you want to, which helps the camera feel like your own. The app also greatly utilizes the 3D Touch functionality to perfection and it adds another level of customization to the app.

While you don't have many options at all within this app when it comes to editing your photos, that is not enough to scare people away. The kind if photos you can get from this camera app are largely unmatched by any other app on this list, and we feel like that is good enough for its inclusion. Also, to get such a good camera app like this for under $2 is quite amazing too. You can also try the app for free if you want.

Of all the apps on this list, this one is likely the most famous and probably has the most users. Not only is Instagram one of the best photography and camera apps out there, it is also one of the most famous social media platforms too. Instagram is simply one of the easiest ways to capture and share photos to millions and millions of other users.

This app lets you capture photos directly in the app, or import them from your Camera Roll. But the true magic in this app comes with the various filters and tools that you have at your disposal. These filters and tools can transform your average picture into something that will wow the people who follow you or visit your profile.

While the app is full of cool features and can help you take and edit the perfect photo, it is the community of this app that truly makes it amazing. Millions of people all around the world use this app to create and share photos and no matter what your interests are, there will be photos and users you love on this app. You can also go live, sned stories and send private messages to other users to. There is a good chance you already use Instagram, but if not, it is about time for you to give it a try.

If you ever need to capture things that you want to keep like whiteboards, presentations, maps and more, this is the app for you. This app automatically deskews and enhances the quality of your images and gives you amazingly clear results. The app selects what it believes to be the important parts of your photo, isolates it and corrects the perspective.

This can be great for keeping a digital archive of documents and the app easily lets you save and share all photos too. The app has a lot of different purposes and while it doesn't offer you a ton of customizable options and features, it allows you to easily and automatically straighten and fix up images, no matter what the photo is of.

You can also get this app for free, but there are options to pay a few bucks to get rid of ads, get rid of watermarks and unlock other features. But even if you don't decide to opt for the premium membership and features in this app, it's still one of the best photo and camera apps on the market.

This app provides you a way to get rewarded for your pictures. EyeEm is a community full of more than 18 million photographers and photo lovers from all over the world that love to share, buy and sell photos. The app allows you to sell your photos, get more exposure in your niche and take your photography or camera work to the next level.

Many people take amazing photos, and never ever get anything more for them than just a couple of likes here and there. This app stops that, and allows you to licesne your photos and list them on the marketplace where people can buy them or use them, with you getting a cut. It is one of the leading apps to get discovered as a photographer.

The camera functionality in this app si also great and powerful enough to capture the amazing photos you can sell. The camera has a number of different options and features with adjustments and a number of gorgeous filters as well. Between the community, the camera and the fact that this app can be used for free, EyeEm is a great option to download.

While this app features a great camera, it is more than just a great app to shoot photos. This has the unique feature to be able to sell your photos and videos to news organizations. Basically, the app acts like an agency that works with its users to sell their photos and videos to news agencies for some cash.

With this app, anyone can turn into a photojournalist and whether you are aiming to do that as a career, or just happen to be in the right place at the right time to catch some news, this app can help you get paid. So now that you know the purpose of the app, let's look at how the camera works.

While the app is a bit gimmicky, the camera included in the app is actually pretty amazing. The camera features manual control and a variety of different options such as exposure compensation, white balance adjustment, focus and many more. So even if you don't intend on capturing anything newsworthy in this app, the camera is still worth the download. Also, the app is available for free so if you download it and dislike it, it can be removed without feeling like you wasted any money.

As any professional photographer of hobbyist knows, taking a good photo at night is not often an easy task. While most cameras have a simple flash feature, that is often not enough to get a quality photo in low-light. Thankfully, Night Camera is a wonderful app that will make sure you never miss that special shot, even in the dark.

The app's camera features a number of different options and features for getting good shots in the dark. You can control the shutter speed, the ISO, manual focus, light enhancement, zoom and many more. The features in this app also let you take good pictures during the day, but it is definitely meant to take better pictures during the dark.

The app has a free version, but there is also an option to pay a few bucks to get the ad-free version, which also comes with a few extra features to take even better pictures. Even if you don't take a ton of photos during the night or at dark times, this app can help you be prepared for anything.

This app is all about discovering and creating amazing photos and images, simple as that. The app is all about inspiring yourself and other with your inspiration board, which is a collection of various different photos from all over the place that you can construct.

In addition to finding photos from others and adding them to your inspiration board, you can actually take photos yourself that others might use. This app features a powerful camera with great presets and a number of other helpful features and options.

The app also easily lets you share photos to various different social media platforms and apps including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and more. Oggl is available for free and while it might not be as feature-packed or famous as some of the other apps on this list, it is still a great option to download.

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