The Best Free IQ Tests Available Online [April 2020]

Whenever you read about the world’s greatest minds, you’ll find that they all had a high IQ. This numerical value is short for intelligence quotient, which determines, you guessed it, your intelligence.

Thanks to research and countless psychological studies, every person can measure their IQ today. There’s a set of standardized rules each test follows to determine this final score.

Of course, the most accurate tests require a lot of time (and sometimes money). But the internet allows you to see where you stand, too. Although they may not be as challenging, these online tests can still provide an insight into your mind. On top of that, they’re always a good mental exercise.

Here are some of the best IQ tests available online.

1. Free-IQTest.Net

Free-IQTest is a convenient test that won’t take up much of your time. It doesn’t require any of your personal information besides your birthdate. Therefore, the website won’t bombard you with additional emails in the future.

The first thing you’ll notice is that there’s no time limit. Instead, the timer will track your progress regularly and the longer it takes to finish the test, the lower the score.

It consists of 20 questions in a typical multiple-choice fashion. You have to choose only one out of four possible answers. As soon as you give your answer, the test moves to the next question and you can’t change your answers in the future.

The nature of the test is slightly different from a regular IQ test. It includes questions from various fields including logic, math, general knowledge, and vocabulary.

Your score will appear as soon as you finish the test along with the website’s statistics. Here you can compare your score to the rest of the participants. Additionally, you can check how you rank compared to some prominent historical figures.

Take the Test Here

2. Mensa.Dk IQ Test

Mensa Denmark created this IQ test a few decades ago. If you’re a bit older, you might’ve encountered this Test circulating on floppy disks – it’s that old. And you’ll notice that it still retains the same old flash-made interface.

You can either download it from here or just try it out on the official website.

Up until recently, many people regarded it as one of the best IQ tests ever devised. It’s entirely fair and relatively fast. All questions rely on your logic and rationale, with a bit of math sprinkled in.

Essentially, you have 40 minutes to answer 39 questions. The format is consistent – you get an image with 6 shapes/figures but one’s missing. You got to figure out which one of the possible 8 shapes fits the displayed pattern.

best free iq test available online

Once you finish the test, you’ll instantly get your results. Also, you’ll see a curve that displays the IQ of the entire population so you can ascertain your ranking. Plus, there’s no need to sign up; you can try it out right away.

But be careful, as soon as you open the website, the timer will start counting!

Take the Test Here

3. BrainMetrix’s IQ Test

BrainMetrix’s IQ test is another IQ test that an average user solves in about 10 minutes. Most of this test’s appeal stems from its simplicity.

There’s no timer, no sign-ups, or leaving any personal data. It’s similar to other online tests as it contains 20 questions from a wide range of topics.

The main difference is that all questions are on the same page. Therefore, when you answer one question, just scroll down to the next.

This is useful in plenty of ways. Mostly because you don’t have to wait for a page to load after submitting each answer. This helps you avoid a situation where an unresponsive page ruins all your previous results.

The questions vary from numerical logic, math, common knowledge, and even vocabulary. When you finish, you’ll get your numerical score along with the description. Average intelligence ranges from 90-109, while those who score 140 or above get the Genius label.

4. TipTopGlobe’s Test

The first thing you’ll notice on this test is its minimalistic, black and white interface. Those who enjoy simple UI can focus solely on solving puzzles, but others may find it a bit bland. On top of that, the website is littered with a bunch of annoying ads.

But if you overlook these small downsides, the test is probably more accurate than most. It’s similar to the Mensa Denmark’s Test with slight variations. It has 40 questions instead of 39, and it allows you more time to consider difficult questions.

Once you’re done, the website provides immediate scores. Additionally, you can see the IQ scores of prominent historical figures. If you’ve ever wondered how intelligent you are compared to Isaac Newton or Leonardo Da Vinci, here’s your chance to find out.

Take the Test Here

5. SeeMyPersonality

SeeMyPersonality offers a different challenge than most options on this list. While most tests focus on logic and math, this one places the spotlight on other vital brain functions. For instance, you’ll encounter a few memory, perception and creativity tests.

Each question is different and it takes more or less time to finish. The timer is set according to the complexity of the question – if you run out of time, you lose.

But it’s not as hard as it sounds. You’ll have enough time between each question to prepare. Before each task, you’ll get a brief description of that question.

Once you’re sure that you’ve understood everything, you can start the task (and the timer). Even better, you can save your progress and resume at a later date.

When you complete the test, you can choose how you want to get the results. You can receive them by email, share them on a social network, or get a PDF copy to print out. Then, you can see the graph showing you how you compare to others.

Take the Test Here

6. FunEducation’s IQ Test

FunEducation’s test follows similar question patterns of most free IQ tests. Tasks range from numerical sequences to rearranging letters and it will take you from 5 to 15 minutes to complete it.

The website is extremely interactive. As soon as you tick your question, it will direct you to the following page. Unlike most tests, this one doesn’t follow the same format. Thus, you may have two possible answers for one question, then five or six for the next one.

Once you finish, you won’t see your results immediately. Instead, you’ll need to register and leave your email address. This may put off some who believe they’ll receive too much spam from the website. However, you should consider leaving your email regardless.

There’s a valid reason for this. FunEducation is a website that consists of more than just an IQ test. You can find various tests, quizzes, and brain exercises here.

If you’re passionate about solving puzzles and keeping your brain sharp, you’ll find these emails useful. They’ll usually point you to a new test or exercise that you may benefit from.

Take the Test Here

7. Memorado

Memorado’s test is possibly the quickest and easiest around. Still, it’s a great way to pass the time and exercise your brain.

You get a set of 18 questions that don’t follow a particular pattern. They start with simple logic but get progressively more complicated with numerical sequences and geometrical patterns.

Overall, it shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes to complete it. There’s no timer so there are some minor doubts over the test’s accuracy.

However, you should look to answer as quickly as possible, even if you can’t decide between multiple answers. That’s the only way you’ll get an accurate representation of your IQ.

Once you finish, you’ll get test score right away. Next to your score, you’ll also find out which percentage of the population you belong to.

Take the Test Here

free iq tests available online

8. Mensa Workout

If you’ve ever considered qualifying for a Mensa test, this is the best place to start. Mensa Workout comes straight from the minds of top scientists and provides a demonstration of a possible Mensa qualifying test.

When you decide to take the quiz, you’ll get 30 minutes to answer 30 questions. Some require you just to choose one of the possible answers, while some require typing in an entire word.

However, you should know that this isn’t a real Mensa test. It represents only the initial exam that qualifies you for the full Test consisting of reading, writing, comprehension and various other disciplines.

Take the Test Here

Put Your Mind to the Test

There’s an abundance of free online IQ tests that are different in many ways. Depending on what type of challenge you want, you can pick the one that suits you the best.

However, it’s always better to choose the test format that you find more challenging. That’s how you challenge your brain to “unlock” more of its hidden potential.

Anyhow, each of the above IQ tests is an excellent workout for the mind. Also, you can try out multiple tests and determine your average score. Especially if you doubt the accuracy of any given test.

And of course, feel free to leave your IQ score in the comments section below.

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