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The Best Game Hacker Apps [November 2019]

The Best Game Hacker Apps [November 2019]

Smart phones are getting more and more powerful. In turn, the quality and depth of the games available on them is constantly improving. There are an incredible number of games available to download now, free, paid, and the bastard child of both, freemium. However, many of these games require a significant investment of time or money to get to all of the best content.

Not all of us have the disposable cash floating around necessary to make some of the games out there playable. And some people just don’t have the necessary hours to grind away at games if you refuse to pay for them. That’s where game hacker apps come in, using various methods such as memory editing and Lua script bots to get you what you want from your games, without the wait or the paywall.

Our Top 4 Game Hacker Apps

Not all of the apps on our list do the same thing. Some provide bots to do the work for you, others are able to do memory or hex edits to change values in game (generally used get you more in game money), and some trick games into letting you “buy” the in-game purchases for free.

The vast majority of the more powerful hacking apps require you to have a rooted phone; a process that essentially gives you full admin control over your phone. The rooting process will have to be left for another article, but we will point out for each app whether or not it’s required.


GameGuardian – Requires Rooted Phone

Widely regarded as one of the more versatile and useful game hacker apps out there, this tool is free to download from their website. It has an easy to use and customizable UI, and a host of functions from enabling speed hacks, to both known and unknown value searches, with support for Lua script bots, and a wide range of search types available.

This is one of the top hacking apps currently available. To take advantage of some of the more advanced options, you’ll need a basic understanding of the concepts used when making games. You can also check out some of the tutorials on their website to get an idea of other ways you can use the app to your benefit.

SB Game Hacker – Requires Rooted Phone

While not quite as powerful as GameGuardian, SB Game Hacker by SB Tools is quite a bit easier for novices to use. With a simple UI and a fairly robust search and replace function, this app can be used to cheat in pretty much any offline game you want to aim it at. It also comes with some in-built tutorials to help you get a hang of how best to use it.

Caution is required when using in to edit values in online games though, as many of them run anti-hacking software designed to catch the kinds of changes this app tries to make. If you’re not careful, you could end up getting yourself banned from connecting to the game from that account in the future.


Freedom APK – Requires Rooted Phone

A very useful free app available for download that effectively tricks your games and other apps into thinking that you’ve paid for their in-app purchases, when you’re actually getting them for free. While it doesn’t work on online, server-side games, it’s still a massive money saver if you play any of those grind-intensive games that try to force you to spend money to not have to wait forever to actually play them.

You can get free premium currency, and unlock game features that are locked away behind a paywall. While that’s all you can do with this app, it’s enough to save you a good amount of both time and cash, which makes it worthy of inclusion on our list.

Lucky Patcher – Rooting Not Necessary, but Recommended

Lucky Patcher is a handy free tool that can do a fair amount of useful things without you having to root your phone. Basically, it overwrites game files to fix or unblock certain features. You can use it to remove ads from your games, it can remove license verification to let you play premium apps for free, and it can even be used to remove the requirement for permissions that the game clearly doesn’t need.

It doesn’t always work as intended, and is more effective when used on a rooted phone, but this is one of the only decent hacker apps out there that can be used on a non-rooted phone and still do its job. Caution is advised, as there’s a chance that it might break the game you’re trying to patch, but if it does you can always just reinstall it and try again.

Cheaters Sometimes Prosper

We’re not here to judge you for not having the time or disposable income necessary for getting the most out of the millions of games out there. Hopefully, using these hacker apps, you can save yourself some time and cash and get busy doing what we all love – playing those games. If you’ve got a favorite hacker app that hasn’t made our list, why not share it with us in the comments section below?

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