The Best Games for the Chromebook

Posted by William Sattelberg on April 19, 2017

Look, Chromebooks weren’t made to be gaming PCs. They don’t come with top-end (or even any, really) dedicated graphics cards, or beefy, expensive CPUs. You buy a Chromebook because you want a cheap laptop that’s really good at browsing Facebook and typing up some documents, with the occasional Netflix marathon streaming-fest on rainy Saturdays. You don’t buy it to challenge your friends in Overwatch or play long sessions of League of Legends.

But that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on gaming altogether! The Chrome Web Store is filled with fun alternatives and time-wasters of all sorts of genres: first-person shooters, puzzle games, platformers, and even MMORPGs can all be found right inside the Web Store, often for free or exceptionally low prices. You might not be playing the newest AAA game, but nevertheless, games can populate your C  hromebook in spades. Let’s take a look at some of the best titles you can play on your Chromebook right now.

One thought on “The Best Games for the Chromebook”

Andrè M. Pietroschek says:
One of the goldies I found is: ‘Cyber Knight’, a Shadowrun or Cyberpunk real roleplaying game, sadly in technological and graphical outdated style (not as worse, as first look may suggest though). After the tutorial the entire city becomes open sandbox, and you have to create a character (gender optional, but class aka former training matter a lot)… If you decide so you can become a street tough mercenary, a corporate infiltrator, a hacker of any hat color, or a stealth assassin or pacifist & smoothtalker. Skills matter in dialogs, PVE, and combat. The atmosphere is gritty and mature, sometimes a notch vulgar or blatant.

Those who can afford to waste or invest some time might feel reminded of roleplay without computers (pen&paper origins) in several humorous and entertaining ways. Sadly those who need cutting edge graphics and effects will not like it at all…


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