The Best Games for your Samsung Gear VR – August 2017

I have had my Samsung Gear VR for around three months now and I must say I like it far more than I thought I would. It was an impulse purchase that I treated myself to once I had mastered by Samsung Galaxy S7 phone and thought, I have the phone so why not? I am a gamer at heart so it wasn’t long before I was trying a number of different games for the system. Here are what I think are the best games for your Samsung Gear VR.

There are lots and lots of games and apps for the Gear VR, but as usual, not all are created equal. I have tried and liked all the games in this list and I hope you do too.

Eve: Gunjack – $9.99

Eve: Gunjack was the first game I bought for the Samsung Gear VR. I play Eve Online on the PC so this game was a no-brainer. It has repaid that investment in spades. At only $9.99, it isn’t a huge investment but it one well worth making. The game sets you against waves of space pirates who want to blow up your ship. Your task is to shoot them down in your fixed emplacement on the side of that ship.

The game is fast, frenetic and while repetitive, it never feels like it. I think it is well worth the money.

Minecraft: Gear VR Edition – $6.99

I trialed Minecraft on the PC but got bored quite quickly so never bought the full game. I did buy Minecraft: Gear VR Edition after trying this one out though. The blocky world takes on a whole new feeling when experienced in VR and while not as frenetic as Gunjack, is equally capable of eating up many, many hours of your life.

Controls are simple and the freedom to create and explore are the same as they ever were, just now it’s in fully immersive VR.

Omega Agent – $9.99

Omega Agent is for anyone who has ever wanted to be James Bond. If the idea of a nuclear powered jetpack isn’t enough to hook you, maybe the ability to fly around a city in VR will. The game is very involving and has a huge game world full of secret areas, powerups, tasks and more to explore.

Omega Agent requires a controller, but is so enthralling that it is worth that extra little investment.

Hitman Go: VR Edition – $7.99

Hitman Go: VR Edition was originally a mobile game that has been ported to the Gear VR. If you have played Hitman on PC, this is nothing like that. Hitman Go: VR Edition is a turn-based board game that switches the sneaky dynamic movement for strategic forward planning. It uses a grid-like environment which you have to direct Agent 47 through to reach the target. Once there, you need to get the job done.

Hitman Go: VR Edition plays best with the controller.

Dreadhalls – $4.99

Horror games aren’t usually my thing but someone recommended Dreadhalls so I tried it. The game sets you in a dark dungeon with nothing but a lantern to your name. You have to escape the dungeon any way you can while evil lurks in the darkness. It is a very well done game that has tons of atmosphere and lots of moments that make you jump.

I would call the game more suspense than horror but either way, it is well worth playing.

Dark Days – $5.99

Dark Days is similar to Dreadhalls in that you’re in a place from which you need to escape. This time a creepy motel that is a cross between Bate’s Motel and something from the X-Files. The game is full of puzzles, challenges and survival as you navigate levels in order to avoid whatever is following you and escape alive.

I think it is equal to Dreadhalls in terms of play, atmosphere and character.

Drop Dead

No VR game list, or any game list would be complete without a zombie shooter. Drop Dead is that game. The premise is simple, kill zombies until you reach the end. That’s it. That simplicity works in the game’s favor though as you get to enjoy the graphics, smooth gameplay, a range of weapons and a very atmospheric game world.

Drop Dead is a good zombie game but also a good shooter. A required genre in any Gear VR library I think!

Got any other Samsung Gear VR games I should try this month? Suggestions in a box below please!

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