The 5 Best TVs For Gaming – 2018

We all did it when we first started gaming.  Perhaps it was an Atari back on an old console television in the early 80s, or an 8-bit Nintendo on our huge 20” television in the late 80s and early 90s.  Maybe you grew up playing an N64 on a 40” big screen in the living room…

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Video gaming is a lot of fun, but it’s hard to enjoy the games when the television isn’t able to keep up with the graphics of the consoles.  Trying to hook an Xbox One or PS4 up to a 1980s RCA television is going to lead to some frustrating experiences. For some games, the level of competition and graphic detail renders even a 780 pixel television obsolete.  We’ve come so far in terms of what are consoles are capable of that it’s time we start looking for a new TV to replace the relic that currently sits atop our entertainment center.

Where to begin?  There are so many dozens of television manufacturers on the market.  Flat screen, curved screen, 4K, UHD, Plasma, LCD, etc. that without a clear guide of where to go it can be overwhelming to figure out which television is the best gaming TV of 2018.  For that reason we’ve compiled a list of the five best gaming TVs of 2018. Because we understand that not everyone has unlimited funds to pour into their television, we’ve tried to identify the best in a few different price points to ensure that whether you are looking for an upgrade on a budget or for the closest thing to a theater screen in your home we have the best TVs available. So without further ado, here are the five best gaming TVs of 2018:

TCL 55R617 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

Equipped with Roku, this television by TCL brings one of the best gaming tvs on the market into the home of just about anyone.  Available in both a 55- and 65-inch models, the TCL offers all the functions of a smart TV and access to around half a million live channels and streaming services through the Roku device.

Pairing Ultra 4k high definition graphics with the detail, contrast, and color of Dolby digital high dynamic range, this television offers superior video and some of the most lifelike picture quality you can ask for from a television.  To top it off, for video gamers, this machine comes with a 120 hertz refresh rate to give you the some of the smoothest transitions and silkiest gameplay you’re likely to find.

As an added quality of life feature, TCL has implemented basic voice controls into the remote control so you can tell your remote to engage your gaming console or switch channels on your Roku at the sound of your voice instead of searching for the remote every time you want to make a change.  All in all – a great upgrade to any older television without breaking the bank.

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HiSense 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 65H9080E

Hisense brings their A-game to the gaming television market here in 2018 with their 4K Ultra HD Smart tv.  Using their own patented Ultra LED 4K technology, Hisense brings a vibrance and sharpness to their television that few competitors are able to match.  Also available in your choice of 55- or 65-inch screens, the Hisense 2018 4K television is certainly large enough for a home cinema or a family room depending on your preference.  

With a broad range of color and their 120 Motion Rate technology, the Hisense tv minimizes blur and stuttering during those action packed movies or video games.  Your television certainly won’t be the reason that you get sniped from across the map as the color contrast makes your digital enemies as sharp on screen as you can ask.

For those that are looking to continue to integrate all of their home devices together, the Hisense television is also enabled with Alexa built in.  Through your television you can do a quick Google search, play music, or activate any of your smart devices in your home. A simple, “Hey Alexa,” turns your television into an assistant manager for any of your smart home needs.

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Sony XBR65X900F

As we transition into our top three gaming televisions of 2018 we start to find the biggest names in television manufacturing.  Having been at it for decades, it is no surprise that we see Sony crack the top three with their own 4k UHD Smart TV. There are a few things that make Sony’s entry unique and it might not deserve to sit at number 3 any other year, but our top two are pretty special as well.

One of the best options for Sony’s entry is that it gives the best size range of any television on our list.  Available in sizes as low as 55-inch and as large as 85-inch, this television offers the closest thing to a movie theater experience as you will find on our list.  While all of our televisions have high hertz ratings for games and movies designed for them, the Sony television of 2018 actively uses its 4K resolution to upscale everything you watch to the highest caliber graphics available.

Sony also offers Triluminos technology which provides the color gradations of its picture.  While most televisions scale color in hundreds of hues and shades, Triluminos allows for thousands of color gradations bringing the picture on your screen to a crispness and clarity that is every bit as vivid as real life.  

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Evaluating our top two televisions this year has been difficult and while either of these two units will dramatically improve your visual experience, the LG Electronics OLED television finished as a tight runner up.  

LG has developed a television that has a Google Assistant built right into the device.  Power any of your android devices through a command to your television and it is also compatible with Alexa to more fully integrate your smart home.

What makes the LG OLED television special is its specially designed  α9 processor.  This smart processor has been programmed to control every aspect of your picture quality to sense what will deliver the sharpest and clearest picture at any given moment when gaming.  Whether you’re hunting zombies in dark corridors or assaulting a desert stronghold at midday the A9 processor will give you some of the best lighting and picture quality to stay on top of the leaderboard.

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Samsung QN65Q9F Flat QLED 4K UHD Smart TV

It should come as no surprise to see Samsung at the top of the list when it comes to best televisions.  With a 65- and 75-inch model here in 2018, Samsung has developed a television that provides the best gaming experience to its owners than any television on the market.  

The QLED technology that Samsung packs into its screen produces an anti-reflective face that not only reduces glare but offers the best possible views from the perspectives of both details and depth.  More than any other television on the market, Samsung allows its gamers to get the best sense possible for not just where on the screen their targets are, but how far away they are hiding as well.

The other feature of the Samsung in addition to its pixel count, hertz refresh rate, and Q Engine processor is its aesthetic value.  While providing the best gaming television on the market, when not in use, the Samsung QLED TV can look as minimal as a painting on a wall with minimal visible cord connections so that you’re not focused on it being a tv, but just another display in the room.

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While any of these televisions can provide great gaming experiences, the Samsung QLED offers its owners the ability to make their television a part of their home decor and ambience through its Ambient mode.  It provides the highest quality sound and picture available, and even offers an app that allows users to manage all their connected smart devices on one screen. These represent the best gaming televisions on the market, and any gamer is going to be pleased to load their game of choice on each one.

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