The 15 Best Roku Games You Can Play Right Now [January 2021]

So you finally decided to pick up a brand new Roku device for your television. It’s always a great time to do it, especially if you’re stuck inside the house. Of course, just because your Roku device is a great way to watch your favorite movies and TV shows doesn’t mean that’s all it’s good at. Roku can also double as a gaming device, similar to an Apple TV or a smartphone. While you aren’t going to be playing any groundbreaking AAA games on your Roku, for some quick time wasters or fun with the whole family, Roku might be all you need. All of these games are worthy of your time. Most of these great Roku games are free too, with some offering free aspects with paid-for add-ons.

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They might not break the mold, but Roku games are a great way to add some extra functionality to your television.

How to Add Games to Roku

Before we dive into our list, you’ll want to make sure you know how to add games to your Roku account. There’s a couple of ways to do this. You can use a desktop PC or phone to visit and add them to your account from there, you can click on the direct links in each listing, or you can surf for them from your Roku box. Adding them via the web takes a little while. Once you add the channel, it can take a few hours for them to show up on your Roku box.

You may benefit from doing a forced update once added to see if you can speed things up. Once you have selected your game and added the channel you can ‘encourage’ it to appear faster. Select Settings, System and System Update on your Roku and perform an update and they should show up.

If you use the Roku box directly, they should appear immediately. Navigate to Home, Streaming Channels, Games and browse the list. Select a game to add the channel and it should appear right away. Just select the game within the Games channel on the Roku to play.

With that said, let’s get into the best games for your Roku device.

5 thoughts on “The 15 Best Roku Games You Can Play Right Now [January 2021]”

Gabriel says:
add DotA 2 cowerds
Toby says:
I just payed for Wheel of Fortune game to play and it has been billed to my account but the game does not work to play. What should I do?
Brooke vanzomeren says:
Can you add more games like add jeopardy back on please?
Ben Emmett says:
AstroBlast is a fun Roku game. I play it all the time. I may be a bit biased though. Rainbow Dash & Candy Bear are also favorites in my house.
Sandra Palomino says:
Pac man

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