The Best Math Problem Solver Apps for Android

I’m all for working things out in your head. It may be slower and more difficult but it is the only way to learn this stuff. Then, if you don’t have your phone, the battery has died or you don’t have an app, you don’t stand there like a buffoon trying to figure out what to do. That said, there are some math problems that are too difficult to do in your head. That’s why I put this list of the best math problem solver apps for Android together.

Performing basic multiplication or long division in your head is one thing. Doing calculus or complex arithmetic in your head is something else. That’s where the phone comes in. If you find yourself regularly having to do math, one of these math problem solver apps may just help you out.

Math problem solver apps for Android

Each of these apps helps solve different types of math problems. Each covers the basics but for specialist problems, look for an app that is strong in that area. Where it is obvious from my testing, I’ll mention the app’s strengths in the list.


Photomath is a very cool app that uses your phone camera to load the math problem. Take a picture of the problem and the app will analyze it and spit out the correct answer. I tried it multiple times and it worked every time. It works with a range of problem types including algebra, calculus, statistics, arithmetic, fractions and a lot more besides. It could do with the addition of manual entry but aside from that minor point, this is a very good app to use.


WolframAlpha seeks to provide answers to everything and does a pretty good job of it too. This is a premium app but seems to be well worth the cost (up to $4.99). This app has a range of math features including number theory, statistics, algebra and others I didn’t even understand. The app also includes explanations and the ability to ask for help if you need to. It’s a dated looking app but delivers the goods if you’re looking for a wide ranging math app with the ability to solve other problems too.


Mathway is another math problem solver app for Android that is worth checking out. It has a camera option like Photomath but also the option to manually type in your problem. There’s a calculator and the ability to solve integers, fractions, decimal numbers, roots, factors, limits, derivatives, integrals and a whole lot more. The app is easy to use, very highly rated and works well.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a math app with a real student feel that would likely be ideal for those studying math. It’s a fully-featured math app that covers most problems including trigonometry, calculus, basic algebra, pre-algebra, arithmetic and more. It includes exercises, quizzes, tests, interactive exercises, videos and a whole bunch of stuff to help you master your math.




Socratic is a math problem solver app for Android suitable for high school or college and for solving popular homework questions. Like Photomath, it uses the camera to take an image of a math problem and will then analyze and solve it. Socratic is also able to solve other homework questions too such as English, History, Chemistry and others. Like Photomath, only having the ability to take a picture is a downside but from my testing, the analysis is spot on so isn’t such a hardship.


Cymath is another highly rated math app that can solve a multitude of problems. It uses a similar photo feature as Socratic and Photomath but also lets you enter a problem by hand. It also shows you how it arrived at the answer to help aid understanding and build your math knowledge up from there. It is capable of factoring, logarithms, exponents, complex numbers, quadratic equations, trigonometry, partial fractions and a whole lot more too.


MATH 42 is my final suggestion for the best math problem solver app for Android. It’s a solid app capable of solving most math problems you can think of or would be set at anything up to college level. The list of features is long and goes way beyond my feeble capacity for math but seems to cover the majority of subjects you’re likely to face.

Those are what I think are the best math problem solver apps for Android. Each can solve a wide range of problems either by photographing and analyzing or by manual input. Some offer more help around the problem to help you understand while others are more focused on delivering the answer so you can move on. Either way, one of these is sure to be what you’re looking for.

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