The Best Netflix Original Shows & Series – October 2017

It’s hard to believe that twenty years ago, Netflix didn’t even exist. Today, the company operates in over 190 countries, distributing movies and TV shows and now making new ones. Has any company had such an impact on the entertainment industry since the dawn of television?

In August of 1997, Reed Hastings was charged a $40 late fee by Blockbuster, and teamed up with Marc Randolph to start an online DVD delivery service with no late fees. In 2007 they started offering on-demand streaming video service in addition to the DVDs by mail.

The first original series premiered on Netflix in 2013: House of Cards. The show was nominated for nine Prime-time Emmy awards and won three. By the end of that year, Netflix’s stock had tripled in value. While the broadcast networks stay stuck in the dark ages with their Nielsen ratings and their advertising models, the world of television has exploded with quality and content that were heretofore never dreamed of. I haven’t watched a TV commercial in years. Why would I when I can DVR my cable TV shows and fast forward through the commercials, or watch all the streaming commercial-free television that Netflix has to offer?

I can’t wait to see what they do over the next twenty years. Here are some of the great original programs Netflix has on offer, streaming now.

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Posted by Karen O'Connor on October 1, 2017

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