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The Best Viewpure Alternatives [February 2020]

The Best Viewpure Alternatives [February 2020]

The Viewpure website is fantastic. It is an entirely free tool that removes all adverts from your YouTube videos. It is there for teachers and professionals who use YouTube and who do not have the time to keep clicking off adverts when they appear.

As a side note, it is brilliant for watching popular music videos on YouTube, which tend to have the most adverts. If you cannot get on board with Viewpure, for whatever reason, then here are a few others you can try.

DF Tube Chrome Extension

Viewpure is a website that you have to visit and then enter your YouTube address. It is pretty quick and straightforward, but using a Google Chrome web browser extension is quicker. If you have the DF Tube Chrome Extension installed, then your advert-free settings are already activated.

This tool can also auto-set some settings. For example, you can stop the auto-play function, start videos on mute, or prevent videos from starting until you click on them.

Adless Tube

Your web browser extensions may allow for pre-setting your videos, but they are not as reliable as online tools when it comes to creating an ad-free experience. At any time, your web browser extension may lose its ability to block adverts, and it isn’t updated for a very long time (if ever).

Online tools have a better record when it comes to maintaining their functionality. Adless Tube updates itself every time its advert-blocking functions stop working. You can copy-paste your YouTube URL directly into the Adless Tube search bar, or you can type in a search query.

Adless Tube

Paste in a video URL, and the video comes up right away. Or, you can type in your keywords, and a broad set of suggestions comes up below the search bar. Some people may find this method of navigating better than what YouTube itself has to offer.

Enter your video URL into the search bar of this website, and it pulls up a wide selection of videos. However, doesn’t give you the results in the same order that YouTube does. It has its very own searching parameters that are built to make some videos more popular than others.

Some people think that the way presents its videos is better because they would rather see what is shadow promoting rather than what YouTube is shadow promoting. Still, no matter which video you click on, it will be add-free. Also, by default, the Home screen will show you trending content, and it has a light and dark option.

Another odd thing is that the platform doesn’t mind presenting you with 18+ content. For example, if you do not sign in to your account, and Google doesn’t know how old you are, then it presents mostly family-friendly content. However, will show you anything in its search results, even if it has a big pair of naked boobs in the preview image.

YT Instant

Enter the URL of your YouTube video into the search bar, and it will bring up your video. Enter a search term, and it will play the first video on the list. The rest of the video search results will be listed down the right side of the screen, or under it on mobile devices.

YT Instant

There is a function for sharing the video with a link, and for embedding it on other sites. You may also use the arrow keys on your keyboard to skip to the next video. The website itself has no adverts and is mostly distraction-free.

A neat feature of YT Instant is that the website doesn’t start on the Home page. Instead, it starts on a pre-written search. For example, when you first visit the site, you will see a video auto-starting. In the search bar, you will see a randomly generated search term. It is a neat feature because it starts your session with something interesting rather than the reel of trending videos.

Will Paid Ad-Blockers Do the Job That Viewpure Does?

In reality, many paid ad-blockers will do the job, but there are several reasons why you shouldn’t use them. Firstly, they cost you money, whereas all the options listed in this article are free.

Secondly, ad-blockers may stop working and refuse to start again until you update them. Thirdly, many ad-blockers cause website problems where they will not harm your viewing experience on YouTube but may damage your experience on other websites.

Are There Adverts You Can’t Block?

Sadly, no matter which ad-blocker you use, or which website, or which web browser extension, there is no way to block adverts inserted into the videos. When a YouTube video has an advert as part of the video itself, then there is no way to block it. You can only skip past it.

You can also discourage people from adding pointless adverts by clicking dislike on their videos and by refusing to subscribe. It is fair enough if a YouTuber is talking about a subject and then suggests a book on that subject, but when a YouTuber is gaming and suddenly decides to tell people about a new weight loss drink, then maybe it is time to unsubscribe.

Ad-Free at Last

Viewpure alternatives listed in this article should help you get rid of the ads. The other alternative is to sign up for YouTube premium, in which case you won’t see adverts, plus you can play YouTube in the background when other apps are running on your phone.

Have you found another way to watch YouTube without seeing adverts? Is the number of YouTube adverts getting out of hand? Let us know in the comments.

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