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Best Ways to Stream Disney Plus to Your TV

Best Ways to Stream Disney Plus to Your TV

On November 12, Disney launched its long-awaited streaming platform Disney Plus. With an unprecedented price of $7 a month ($70 a year), it has undercut the most popular streaming services like Netflix and Amazon. On Disney Plus you can watch anything from classics like Snow White and Cinderella to any movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and legendary TV shows like The Simpsons. Disney plus is also available on all kinds of devices, and it may be tough to choose the best one for your needs.

Get Started By Signing Up

Before you start streaming your favorite Disney movies on Disney Plus, you’ll need to get signed up for an account. Start by signing up here for a free week trial, or get your favorite movies, shows, and sports for one low price by bundling Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus right here!

The Best Devices for Streaming Disney Plus

Android TV

Android TV is a small box that you can plug into any television and turn it into a smart TV. With the box connected, you can use it to access web browsers, watch TV shows, movies, and live games. Besides using it for streaming Disney Plus, you can also use it to stream other services like Netflix or Hulu. best ways to stream disney plus to your tvYou can also connect to Google Play store and get any of the countless apps featured in the store. Android TV also has a voice search feature so you can use your voice as a remote control. If you don’t have a smart TV this $47 box is one the best budget options for streaming Disney Plus.

Apple TV

With Apple TV you have the same option of plugging it into your TV to get streamed online content. However, it comes at a higher price than Android TV, with the standard Apple TV costing $150 and the 4K Apple TV costing $200. But with the price come some amazing features like using the Apple store, Siri voice search, a sophisticated remote with a touchpad system, and pluggable third-party controllers for gaming and more. Even if you don’t need any of the amazing features and just want to stream Disney Plus, it’s still a good choice as you can get the full magic of 4k, and watch all of Disney’s content in full HD.

Roku Devicebest ways to stream disney plus to your tv

With its first device released more than 10 years ago
, Roku is a pioneer of TV streaming. Having been in the game such a long time, they’ve perfected their products to provide you with the most convenient and affordable TV streaming. The devices are very easy to set-up and use, with a remote design that has withstood the test of time. Roku devices start from just $30. If you don’t care much about the additional content that more expensive streaming devices offer and just want to stream Disney Plus, then this is probably the best option for you.

Amazon Fire TV Cube

Disney plus wasn’t originally going to be available on any Amazon devices, but they eventually made a deal in early November. The Amazon Fire TV Cube uses the voice-controlled Alexa to control the device. Since it’s a Fire TV combined with an Echo Dot it lets you not only stream movies and TV shows but also control devices around your home. It’s by no means a budget option but it’s still cheaper than an Apple TV with a price of $120. If your hands are full eating popcorn while binge-watching movies from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this is definitely the best choice.

Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast is different from the previously mentioned devices. It’s the size of a USB and plugs directly into your TV’s HDMI port. There’s also an app that can make your smartphone or computer into a TV remote. Besides Disney Plus, Chromecast can stream content from Netflix, YouTube, Google Play Music and many more. The standard Chromecast costs $35 and it can stream content to a resolution up to 1080p, while the Chromecast Ultra costs $70 and streams 4k content. If a compact and cheap device is what you’re looking for, this is definitely for you.

It Depends on Your Preferences

Each one of the devices will allow you to stream Disney Plus with no issues, it just depends on what other features you want the device to have, and how much you’re willing to spend, of course.

What device do you prefer? Tell us in the comments section below!

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