How to Cancel Spotify Premium on Your Amazon Fire Tablet

Posted by Arch on December 11, 2019
how to cancel spotify premium on kindle fire

Before Spotify became the behemoth it is today, the music streaming app didn’t offer its services on Amazon’s Fire OS. Unless you tweaked your Fire OS to read Android apps, it was impossible for Kindle Fire users to listen to Spotify on their device.

All that changed in 2012, when Spotify decided to introduce its premium services for Kindle Fire users. This version gave owners access to the standard fleet of Spotify features, including offline listening, integration with Facebook, and access to its massive catalog of songs. Using the premium version also meant that your listening experience wasn’t constantly interrupted with annoying ads. Obviously, you had to pay Spotify Premium’s subscription fees of $9.99 to avail these features, but it was yet another utility in Kindle Fire’s already impressive range.

Over the years, however, with other music streaming companies emerging in the business, Spotify Premium members have had more choices. The introduction of YouTube Music, Tidal and the expansion of Apple Music has led some users wanting to defect from Spotify. Whether or not that’s a reason for you deciding to cancel Spotify Premium on your Kindle Fire, this is how you go about doing it.

Step 1

Open the Spotify app on your Kindle Fire tablet. On the Account page, select the Subscription option from the left navigation menu on the screen.

Step 2

Here you’ll find the details of your subscription plan. Underneath these details, Spotify gives you the option of either changing your plan type or canceling it altogether. If you’re not interested in checking out other plans and have decided to call it quits, select the Cancel Premium option. Spotify will ask you for a confirmation, to which you click Yes.

Step 3

That’s pretty much it. You’ll have successfully canceled the Spotify Premium membership by following these steps. But remember, you can still enjoy the full range of Premium’s service till your next billing date, which is when your app will revert to the free version.

Just make sure that you’re canceling your subscription well in advance of the billing date. If you cancel your Premium service too close to the billing date, there’s a possibility that the app has already processed your transaction. In such a scenario, your cancelation won’t take effect until another month has passed. That’s not an ideal situation for anyone trying to cancel a service, but hey, always better to cancel with a bit of foresight.

The Free Version of Spotify Is Not Altogether Bad

Admittedly, the free version of Spotify comes nowhere close to the features offered by the Premium version, but it’s not the worst music-streaming option out there. Yes, you get your music constantly interrupted with ads. And yes, you’ll only be able to shuffle albums and artists outside of the personalized playlists Spotify provides. Then again, it’s all for free!

Spotify Premium also provides a free trial depending on where you’re using the app. Therefore, if you’ve not had a taste of the service yet, we’d recommend you get a free trial before deciding on whether you want to use it on your Kindle Fire.

cancel spotify premium on kindle fire

Reactivation of Account

If you decide to give Spotify Premium another try after cancelation, make sure you do so within three months of canceling the service. Spotify saves your playlists and settings for three months after cancelation, so you can pick up from where you left off.

What If I Want to Get Out Permanently?

Canceling the Spotify Premium service doesn’t mean that your account has been closed. As already mentioned, you can continue using the free version of the app. But if for some reason you want to opt out permanently, you can go to the Spotify help site on your desktop. Search for Spotify’s account form, where you’ll get the option to Close Account under the Account Help tab. Doing this is an irreversible process leading to the permanent deletion of your account from the Spotify database.

We hope this guide helped you cancel your Spotify Premium on the Kindle Fire tablet. In case you have another related query, or want to chip in with some tips and tricks, please feel free to comment in the section below.

Happy listening!

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