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How to Cancel Spotify Without Login

How to Cancel Spotify Without Login

Usually it’s complicated to cancel any account if you can’t log in. Whether it’s Spotify, Gmail, or just a random website, all platforms offer users a simple cancelation form.

In some cases, you’re done with a few clicks. In others, you might get thrown a few incentives to extend your membership. Especially if you have an account on a paid website.

But Spotify makes it rather easy for users to cancel their accounts at any time. Even if you’ve lost your login credentials. In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

Contact Customer Support

There are two ways to contact Spotify support, none of which require you to log into your account. You can visit their official support Twitter page. Or you can access the following support link. If you use the link you can select a specific category you have a problem with, in your case “Account”, and send them an email with all the details.

contact support

Alternatively, just DM them at @SpotifyCares. Keep in mind that whichever route you take you’ll need to prove that you’re the account owner. You may have to answer either personal information questions or even confirm your credit card, the one used to pay for your Spotify account.

Receiving an Answer

Sometimes the email reply may come in your Spam or Junk folder. So be sure to check both just in case. It shouldn’t take more than 24 hours to get an automatic reply. Follow the instructions in the email to find out how to get in contact with a Spotify employee to resolve the issue.

Resetting Your Password

Just because you forgot your password doesn’t mean you can’t ever log back into your account. If you can still log into the email address you used to create the account then you can reset your password.

password reset

To do so, access this password reset link. You can type in either your username or your email address and hit send. Within minutes, you should receive an automatic email with your correct username and a link to a password reset form. Follow the on-screen instructions, reset your password, and log into your account.

Now you can either continue using the service or cancel your account.

Keep Your Account, Cancel the Membership

Another alternative, once you reset your password, is to just cancel the premium membership. Spotify can still be useful even on the free plan.

  1. Go to your account page.
  2. Go to the Your Plan tab.
  3. Select the Change Plan option.
  4. Select the Spotify Free option.
  5. Click on the Cancel Premium option.
  6. Confirm.

As in most cases, this will cancel your membership without deleting your account. You should still be able to use Spotify Premium for the current payment cycle. Even better, all saved music remains available if you make the switch from Premium to Free.

You Can Delete Your Spotify Account via Customer Support

You already know how to cancel your membership if you’ve lost your login credentials. But what if you’ve also lost access to the email you use to create the account? Canceling only the membership is good, but chances are that’s not a reliable account anymore.

From the same contact support link you can inform Spotify of your decision to delete your account. If you can prove that you’re the account owner, and that you’ve been paying for the membership, a staff member could offer assistance.

It’s best in these situations to know all the personal information you gave out during the account creation, the credit card details, etc. Make sure to explain your situation in detail – you can’t access the email address anymore, you maybe want a new account, but don’t want to pay, and so on.

It may take a few days for the process to finalize but it can be done. You’ll then have your membership canceled and the account closed.

Spotify Premium – Is It Worth It?

Although Spotify is going through a great growth period with new acquisitions, membership pricing is pretty much the same.

What are your thoughts on the quality of the content and features that premium members have on the platform as opposed to free members? Is it worth the money, or would you like to see some changes to improve the overall value of the Premium package? Let us know in the comments section below.

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7 thoughts on “How to Cancel Spotify Without Login”

Joel says:
The “Change Password” function is not working for me. I’ve tried twice – getting through all the “I am not a robot pics”. And I’ve given their system plenty time to execute the PW change. All to no avail.
And they’re not responding to their Spotify Cares on Facebook.
Rosario Pou Ferrari says:
I cancelled my premium account months ago, but it continues to be charged to my credit card, and if I try to login, says I have noaccount
Chris Tyler says:
my account has a email address i don’t recognise, i think someone else might be using it
Wren Davis says:
I do not use spotify anymore. I need to cancel my plan. I have no idea what my username or password is. HELP
Brianna says:
I want to cancel my spotify account and stop taking the payment out of my mom’s account
Eric Mc Bride says:
I need to cancel Spotify and cannot remember my password.. HOw do I cancel it
Joan Timson says:
I want to cancel my account I’ve forgot my details
yvonne cordova says:
i did not sign up for this and your taking it out of my credit card i need you stop it.

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