How to Enable/Disable Caps Lock on Chromebook

Posted by Heather on December 1, 2016
How to Enable/Disable Caps Lock Chromebook

The caps lock button is standard on computer keyboards like Mac and Windows.  Did you notice while using a Chromebook there isn’t a dedicated key on the keyboard?  Well then, how the heck does one enable and disable cap locks on a Chromebook?  Fret not we’ve got it covered.

Let’s look at the caps lock feature on the Chromebook and how you’ll be able to access it.

Enable/Disable Caps Lock

While it’s not evident, you can still use caps lock while on your Chromebook.  It’s easy to accomplished with a keyboard shortcut combination.

  • Just press the alt + search keys.  The search key is the one with the magnifying glass on it.  That’s all there is to it.  Easy enough.

You’ll also see an alert pop up at the bottom right of your Chromebook screen that lets you know you’ve enabled the caps lock function.  Also, if you click on the area where your Google user photo is displayed, you’ll see an arrow pointing up saying that CAPS LOCK is on.                                                                                                                               Chromebook Caps Lock

Why Google decided to make the caps lock function a mystery to us all, we’ve no idea.  To disable the caps, lock function on your Chromebook, just press the Alt + search key again.  There you go.  Now you can use caps lock to your heart’s content on your Chromebook.

Set a Shortcut Key

In addition to using a keyboard shortcut, you can also set a specified key as the default caps lock key on your Chromebooks keyboard. If you’d like to enable that just;

  • Click on the bottom right side, where your Google profile picture is displayed.
  • Then, click on settings and scroll down to where it says Device.
  • Next, click on the Keyboard settings button. In keyboard settings, go to where it says Caps lock.
  • Click on the drop-down box. Then, select the key you’d like to use as the default Caps Lock key on your Chromebooks keyboard.
  • Finally select the ok button when you’re done making your selection.

Now you know how to use caps lock on a Chromebook.  You can either use the shortcut keys Alt + search (the magnifying glass) or setup a shortcut key which acts as the default caps lock key.  Once you’re used to your Chromebooks keyboard, it’ll be like second nature to you.

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