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When are New Episodes Available on CBS All Access?

When are New Episodes Available on CBS All Access?

CBS All Access started producing original content in 2017. They came in strong, focusing on quality, brand recognition, not quantity.

But they also host the entire CBS library. So, how do you keep track of when new episodes air?

CBS All Access has certain rules when it comes to scheduling airtime, as all streaming services do. This article will go into more detail on when you can expect to watch new episodes of your favorite shows.

When Are Episodes of CBS All Access Originals Available?

While CBS has almost a century-long history and a library of titles to prove it, CBS All Access is still relatively new. That’s why they don’t have many original TV shows, but they’ve set themselves apart by developing an original Star Trek: Discovery series.

They’ve also created The Good Fight, a spin-off of the hit series The Good Wife, but that’s only the beginning. When it comes to original content, CBS All Access has a rule that they air a weekly episode at 12 AM Pacific Time.

That means if you’re on East Coast and eagerly waiting for that new Star Trek: Discovery episode, it’s going to be available on CBS All Access at 3 AM Eastern Time. For example, Star Trek: Discovery airs on Thursdays, so if you’re in the PT zone, you can watch the episode the very minute it’s Thursday.

The good news is that regardless of where you are in the US, probably by the time you wake up, the original episode you’re expecting is going to be available. This system applies to all CBS All Access original shows.

To watch original CBS All Access content, you’ll need to become a subscriber. However, an option you can consider is to wait until the whole season is aired and then subscribe and binge-watch. You have a seven-day free trial that can make that possible. And if you love the platform, you can stick around.

star trek

What About Other CBS Shows?

CBS has an extensive library of old shows and many that are still going strong. And some of these shows had started to air long before CBS All Access was created.

All CBS shows, old and current, are available on CBS All Access for streaming. But when does a CBS show that airs weekly on the cable becomes available on CBS All Access? For example, the CBS show NCIS has been airing since 2003, and new episodes are to come in November 2020.

A new NCIS episode will become available on CBS All Access when it’s finished airing in the Pacific Time zone. Once all of the US has had the opportunity to watch the episode via cable, the streaming service subscribers will watch it.

New Episode Available

Can You Watch Shows from Other Networks on CBS All Access?

In July 2020, CBS’s parent company, ViacomCBS expanded the CBS All Access content even further. They opened the door to programs from BET, Nickelodeon, MTV, Comedy Central, and many more.

When it comes to new episode schedules of shows from these networks, the same principle is applied as with old CBS shows. For example, when the new South Park episode airs across the country on CBS for cable subscribers, it becomes available on CBS All Access.

Can You Watch CBS Shows on Netflix?

Cross-platform licensing deals are not a novelty for streaming services. That’s why you can watch movies and shows from different networks on any platform you subscribe to.

Without doubt, Netflix is the king of the business. If you only have a Netflix subscription, you might be pleased to know that you have some new CBS shows coming to the platform.

Netflix has signed a one-year CBS TV Studios deal, and you’ll be able to find shows like Unicorn and Evil, among other titles. Of course, the CBS All Access originals won’t be available on Netflix because they’re exclusive to their native platform.

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Where Can You Watch CBS All Access?

CBS All Access is available across the US. Outside the US territory, you can stream the CBS program in Canada and Australia.

If you’re traveling abroad or live in another country, your best option is to use a VPN provider if you want to watch CBS All Access content.

Stay Ready for the New CBS All Access Episodes

Knowing when a new episode of your favorite show is going to air is important for many reasons. First, you get the excitement surrounding any new developments to the story.

But you also have to manage your daily schedule and fit in the viewing session for when it suits you best. Thankfully, with CBS All Access, you’ll know exactly when you can find new episodes of the shows you enjoy.

What’s your favorite CBS All Access original show? Or old CBS show? Let us know in the comments section below.

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