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5 Great Alternatives for Cinema HD on your Fire Stick – 2019

5 Great Alternatives for Cinema HD on your Fire Stick - 2019

Cinema HD is one of many apps that enable you to stream content to any compatible device. It is the latest in a long line of apps and even though it is excellent, apps like this come and go regularly. If you cannot get Cinema HD to work or want to try something else, you have options. This piece is going to look at some of the current alternatives to Cinema HD.

Cinema HD, or Cinema APK depending on where you look, is currently regarded as the strongest streaming app out there right now. It works well, has been well put together, is supported and offers access to most of the more popular movies and TV shows. Choice is great though, so if you’re looking for something else, check out one of these.

Always use protection

A quick note first. If you already know Cinema HD, you already know the dubious legality of apps of this type and the potential action you leave yourself open to when you use them. Never use an app like this in the clear. Always use a VPN to protect your identity and to keep your data secure.

Even if you don’t use these apps, always use a VPN to stop your ISP from spying on you and selling your data to the highest bidder.

Now that’s over with, let’s get back to the most viable alternatives for Cinema HD in 2019. I will try to list apps that work on all device types for the widest possible choice.

Movie Box

Movie Box is an iOS app that was designed as a direct competitor to the now defunct ShowBox. It shares a lot of design cues and navigation similarities with ShowBox and works just as well as the other app did. Navigation is fluid, the app design is simple yet effective and provides fast access to featured content, categories and a search function.

Content is of a good quality with an increasing amount of full HD content appearing beside the lower quality streams. The app works well, buffering seems minimal and the app does not get in the way of your enjoying media. For those reasons alone it is well worth trying.

Titanium TV

Titanium TV is the spiritual successor to Terrarium TV and shows a lot of similarities. The design is very similar, navigation is seamless, categories and content management are also very similar. It works on all kinds of devices including Firesticks, tablets, phones and computers and offers access to a tone of content types.

One key strength of Titanium TV is its database. It has literally hundreds of movies and thousands of TV shows. Of all of the apps I have tried, few can compete with the sheer number of titles available here.

PlayBox HD

PlayBox HD is another alternative to Cinema HD worth checking out. Available for iOS, Android and as an APK, there is also a new Cinema Box app that is destined to success PlayBox HD but I haven’t had time yet to test it. I know PlayBox works so that’s why I’m recommending it here.

The UI is similar to the others here except it’s in a nice blue and gray instead of black which I find easier to use on mobile. The menu and navigation works the same as these others, streaming is fast and mostly seamless and the availability of content is as strong as any app here.


No list of alternatives to Cinema HD would be complete without Crackle. It’s a solid app owned by Sony with over 20 million active users across the world. The app is slick and works well on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and likely others too. It is one of the most popular content streaming apps out there and for very good reason.

The design is pleasingly minimal and stays out of the way as much as possible while allowing easy access to your content. Categorization, search and listings are all easy to use and offers access to an impressive range of content. As a legit app, this is also safer to use than most of these others.


TVZion has improved a lot over these past few months to become a very viable alternative to Cinema HD. It didn’t start strong with clunky design and not much content but has come on in leaps and bounds. Navigation is now simple and the library is very wide, offering access to most of the titles these other apps offer.

It still isn’t as strong as these others but is now better than many of those I don’t list. One thing in its favor is the filtering. As soon as a stream source goes down and fails, TVZion drops it from the database so the vast majority of links you use will work right away. This is why it’s on this list.

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Alistair Gower says:
Is there any of these video APK streaming aps that pick up streams with HD audio such as Dolby? Cinema HD seems to be all MP4 files with normal 2ch audio streams. Thanks

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