How To Use an Amazon Fire TV Stick without Registration of Amazon Account

Posted by Jamie on November 21, 2018

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is heavily subsidized by Amazon so the company has a vested interest in selling you more stuff while you use it. It requires you to register the Fire Stick against your account and then monitors your usage in order to identify selling opportunities. So can you use an Amazon Fire TV Stick without all that?

You can, sort of. You cannot use an Amazon Fire TV Stick without initial registration but you can then de-register it once setup is complete. You have two options for registration. You can register the device against your Amazon account and then de-register it or create a bogus Amazon account for the device. Both will work.

Once initial registration is complete you can load Fire Starter and/or Kodi on the Amazon Fire Stick and skip the Amazon part altogether.

Registering the Amazon Fire TV Stick

When you first boot up the Amazon Fire TV Stick, you’re locked into a setup screen. You need to enter your Amazon account details into the screen in order to access the rest of the device. Once this initial setup is complete, you can remove your account from the TV Stick.

As mentioned above, you can either register the Amazon Fire Stick against your own account, set it up and then de-register it or you can set up a fake Amazon account. Either will work.

Set up a Fire TV Stick against your own account:

  1. Connect the Amazon Fire TV Stick to your TV and home network.
  2. Enter your account details when prompted.
  3. Sideload Kodi and whatever apps you want to load.
  4. Select Settings, My Account and Amazon Account.
  5. Select De-register.

Or you could set up a bogus Amazon account with none of your real details in it. This seems easier to be honest.

  1. Get hold of a Visa gift card or prepaid Visa.
  2. Set up a fake Amazon account and add the Visa card as the payment method.
  3. Register your Amazon Fire Stick against this account.

The main issue here is finding a Visa that will work. Some gift cards won’t register as payment methods so you may be better off using a prepaid Visa card instead. At least it has a secondary use. Once set up, you can use an app like Firestarter to load directly into Kodi instead of the Amazon interface if you prefer.

Set up Fire Starter with the Amazon Fire TV Stick

To get Fire Starter working on your Amazon Fire TV Stick you will need adbLink software and Kodi. The process takes less than fifteen minutes and will allow you to skip the whole Amazon UI altogether. There are quite a few steps in this process but follow them carefully and you’ll be fine.

  1. Download the latest Fire Starter APK to your computer.
  2. Navigate to the Amazon Fire TV Stick Home screen.
  3. Select Settings and System.
  4. Select Developer Options and turn Allow apps from unknown sources On.
  5. Navigate back to the Fire TV Home screen.
  6. Use Search to find Downloader and select to Install it.
  7. Open Downloader and allow it to access your photos, media and files.
  8. Downloader will prompt you for a URL, add ‘http://kodi.tv/download’ and select Go.
  9. Select the ARMV7A (32 BIT) of Kodi and then Install.
  10. Download adbLink for Windows, Mac or Linux onto your computer.
  11. Open adbLink and select New.
  12. Add a name for your Fire TV Stick in Description and add the IP address of your Stick underneath. Select Save once done.
  13. Select Connect and wait for your Fire TV Stick to appear in Connected Devices.
  14. Select Install APK from the list of options.
  15. Select the location where you downloaded the Fire Starter APK.
  16. Select Yes when prompted to install.
  17. Select OK when you see the Installed notification.
  18. Disconnect adbLink from your Fire TV Stick.
  19. Select Settings on your Fire TV Stick.
  20. Select Applications and Manage Installed Applications.
  21. Select Fire Starter from the list and select Launch Application.
  22. Select Settings in the next screen.
  23. Check the boxes next to Enable background observation, Fallback to NON-ADB Observation and Home-Detection via ADB.
  24. Scroll to Startup Application and select Kodi.
  25. Select Home Button Single Click Application from the list and select Kodi.
  26. Select Home Button Double Click Application and select FireTVHome.
  27. Reboot your Fire TV Stick.

If all went well, you should boot into the usual Fire TV Stick home screen which will automatically switch to Kodi without you having to do anything. From there you can use Kodi as you see fit without having to go into the Fire OS at all.

It is unfortunately that you cannot use an Amazon Fire TV Stick without registration but understandable. There are ways around that as you see and once done, you can use your Fire Stick as you see fit without it reporting anything useful to Amazon.

Do you know of any way to use an Amazon Fire TV Stick without registration? Tell us below if you do!

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This Guide Last Updated: November 21, 2018

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