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How to Download Movies with Cinema HD

How to Download Movies with Cinema HD

For all movie and TV show lovers out there, it’s obviously been a golden era. Traditional movie-going might be on the decline, but access to quality cinema has never been so good. Between streaming services trying to produce quality content and competing with prices, the only thing left to do is choose.

But at the end of the day, that all costs money. And people can get carried away and subscribe to more content than they consume. And who has that much time for movies anyway? That’s why Cinema HD can be a smart, simple, and free alternative.

What Is Cinema HD?

Cinema HD – or, as it’s more commonly known: Cinema APK – is Android-based software that you can use to watch movies and TV shows. APK stands from Android Package, meaning it’s not available for iOS users. Cinema APK basically pulls links from all over the internet and lets you stream or download to watch later. It has a large library of both movies and TV shows, with amazing HD quality.

Cinema HD

How Does It Work?

Whenever you’re accessing content online, you may encounter copyrighted material. Since Cinema HD is free and hasn’t bought copyrights to a certain program, things can get a bit tricky. The best way to go about using Cinema APK is to set up a VPN to ensure that the movie traffic is encrypted and safe.

Cinema HD Download Movies

How to Download Movies?

Before learning more about Cinema APK, let’s show you how to download by using the software. When you install the Cinema APK software to your Android device, you can browse through the library of movies and shows. The app has a pretty simple and intuitive interface, which is both minimalistic and straightforward.

When you find yourself on the Cinema HD homepage, either click on one of the movies or TV shows, or search for what you want. Type in the title in the search bar, or just browse through the library by movie genre. You can click on a little triangle on the top of the screen and go through some of the subcategories. Now, if you want to download the movie and watch it later, this is what you need to do:

  1. Click on the title you’ve selected to watch.
  2. You’ll see the options to watch the trailer or stream the video. You will also see that it says “Download”.
  3. Select that option and choose from which link you want to download the movie.

This way you can enjoy the content even when you’re offline. Which can be pretty useful when you’re traveling or just don’t have any access to Wi-Fi.

How to Install Cinema HD on Android

If you’ve never tried the Cinema HD app before, and you’re not sure how to go about it, you should first install it on your Android device. You can even use Cinema HD with your Firestick device. The thing is you can’t download Cinema HD from Google Play Store. It hasn’t been uploaded there yet. You have to follow this link to make sure you install the latest version of the app.

For everything to work properly, your device has to run on Android 4.0 or a later version. You can check this on your phone by going to Settings and then About phone option. Perhaps your phone needs a software update. You should have at least 1GB of RAM and a minimum of 250 MB of free space in your phone’s storage.

Before you download the app, your device must allow installations from third-party sources. To enable this feature, follow this route: Settings>Security>Unknown Sources. Make sure that the option is turned on. Then proceed to install the Cinema HD app. That’s it. Now all you need to do is open the app to enjoy all the moves and TV shows you like.

How to Download Movies

What Are the Benefits of Using Cinema HD?

Downloading and installing Cinema HD is pretty simple, even if there’s a little bit of work-around involved. Ultimately, you get to enjoy a huge library of movies and TV shows that are constantly updated. It’s also free, easy to use, and there aren’t any registrations and other sensitive information requests.

You also get the auto-update notifications. In addition, you can download and save unlimited content. You can travel for hours and watch many movies. Some of the issues involving Cinema HD are that it occasionally crashes. And some Android devices won’t show the installation after it’s done. However, these problems are few and far between.


Download and Start Watching

The convenience of steaming is hard to overstate. Especially if you can always access super-fast Wi-Fi. But if you’re on the road a lot or you’re going to a place where fast internet isn’t an option, having movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet is pretty neat. Thankfully, Cinema HD can help you with that.

Have you ever used the Cinema HD? What did you think of the features? Were you able to download movies easily? Let us know in the comments section below.

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30 thoughts on “How to Download Movies with Cinema HD”

adam says:
Is it safe to download movies without a vpn or will u get a coptright notice in email?
ron miller says:
when typing the name of a program you can see the name of the program appear on the left side of the screen. Is there any way to click on the title so that you don’t have to type in the whole name? Also is there a way to mark a program as a “favorite”?
Marylouise says:
Still cannot download, what are threads? Cz only that is show after I choose the link to download.
Lee says:
Thank you to whoever suggested turning brightness up on my phone!
DanaQ says:
Is there a way to download with subtitles? Thanks!
Ronelle van der Meree says:
CinemaHD is awesome! I downloaded the app on my phone, but I struggle to download it on my television, Sinotec Smart TV. I have tried everything!

Any advice?

Lu says:
Buy a firestick or a tv box and download to it from the cinemahd webpage
Samuel. says:
I have failed to download the movies with my Android phone.

Any advice on how I can download the movies to watch offline.

Travis L Beckwith says:
How do you delete movie downloads from your toshiba fire tv. From the cinema hd app?
Abrie Theart says:
List of movies (icons/thumbnails) not appearing in the different categories after installing on Bluestacks. Many blank/empty even after sometime leaving it to “refresh” from internet/web. Any ideas?
Koketso says:
Well I have the app but it doesn’t want to download
WondderFilled says:
download ADM (advanced download manager) and choose watch but when you click Open With… instead of choosing Exo, MX or VLC open it with ADM. It will start downloading. Also works with Typhoon TV who removed their download button.
Shivam Patel says:
How to generate subtitles , bcoz when I downloaded it’s showing failed to load subtitles. I tried several times
Bonnie says:
Your title is misleading. I already have Cinema Free and have been using it for a long time. Your title states that it will tell us how to download a movie from there. You just say you can but don’t tell us how. For normal watching you don’t need to do any actual downloading. I see how to download a movie, but from there where does one go to access it? Is it downloaded in the actual cinema free app somewhere or on your firestick? Will this solve the problem of trying to watch something that keeps pausing during watching?
WondderFilled says:
Download Advanced Download Manager and when clicking Open With instead of choosing MX player, Exo, or VLC choose ADM(Advanced Download Manager) this will download the file.
Abrie Theart says:
Thank you!. Works like a bom!
Anthony says:
I click download and it goes to threads. Thats all it does. I cant download nothing.
Carlos says:
Turn the brightness of your phone all the way up and a Start button will become visible (towards the bottom right of the Threads box). Click on Start and it will download. Pretty tricky but it works.
Miguel says:
Carlos se estás a usar comando a opção de download tá por baixo quase não se vê, se clicares para andar para baixo e dps ok ele vai fazer o download
Daniel A Hoffman says:
I always get an “error” code eveytime I try to download anything. Any idea what I am doing wrong? Have tried all different number of threads, etc.
Dan says:
When you see the thread bar highlight it. You can then press the right side of the remote circle and increase the amount of threads. I did 10 threads and I either pressed the middle of the circle to start the download or pressed the down button first and then the middle of the circle. It did start the download.
Dennis Giaruso says:
I installed Firesticks on my TVs about three weeks ago with the hopes of cutting the cable. Since the install, I have been spending all my free time trying to figure things out and trying to get things to work. I can tell you, all this reminds me of the early day of computers when nothing worked well then. I guess we are going to have to continue to try things and ask questions and maybe in about 10 – 20 years everything will be worked out.
Lisa Ri says:
I was able to understand the how part… that black box is frustrating since it is the start… I can not figure out how to increase storage or change storage to my thumb drive connected to fire stick.. anyone figure that out?
Richard Case says:
I’d love to know how to change the download path. You can see the path in Settings, but I can’t figure out how to change that path. I’ve got a flash drive connected to my firestick and I’d like the downloads to go there..
Lee Catterson says:
I got it. I turned over my remote so that I am now using the keyboard on the back.
Select Tab until nothing is highlighted and then press enter. It worked.
Chris says:
Installed on firestick but It would be nice if it would let me download to a network location, as is, it limits filesize to what’s available on the firestick. When I was using Kodi on an android box that was easy, but with a firestick I haven’t a clue.
Chris says:
Me too, my firestick is coonected via ethernet to the network, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to chage the download path to anything other than a location on the firestick itself.
Nyki says:
I couldn’t find the start button either. Turn your screen brightness up to full. It isn’t a button just the word start in a greyed out area under the number of threads. Works a treat thanks.
ed says:
What path on android phones do downloaded movies go
M.S. says:
Not seeing this “phantom” start button.
Anthony says:
What do the threads represent when downloading
Omesh says:
Hey Bud, threads” when downloading refers to the amount of synchronous downloads going on at one time.

Three threads means that it’s splitting the file in three parts, downloading those three parts at the same time and then merging them together once all the parts have finished downloading.

With Cinema HD, I’ve started increasing the no. Of threads to the Max and found my download speeds to be so much faster. But be weary as increasing to max will slow down your mobile data, so do it when you don’t need to use the internet much.

Hope that helps mate :)

Squid says:
I’ve used this app a while an now when I go into my shows the seasons tab is blank. All the rest of the app works fine except for the shows…there blank. Can u help
Lilaine says:
I cannot download the movie. The start button is not highlighted. No matter which link I choose or increase the thread it keeps giving an error.
Laurie Browne says:
Did you ever figure it out? I can’t get anything to download.
Techno says:
It says START at the end of the line just underneath. Its in black which makes it hard to see
DiandalScotland says:
1. Select a Tv show or Movie,
If Tv show –
(a) Select Season (b) Select Episode
(c) Select a Link (d) Select Download
(e) Select How many Threads (f) Select Start
** I believe Threads are hosts and usually works
for me above 15. Start at right corner. Wait a
few minutes for it to start or display error. **
If Movies –
(a) Select a Movie. (b) Select a Link
(c) Select Threads (d) Select Start
Theresa B says:
There’s no ‘Start’ on my screen.
claire says:
There is no start button to start downloading film once you have selected how many threads
TT says:
My “black box” is actually Dark grey and there doesn’t seem to be any start button anywhere on the box. The line for threads is only about 1cm from the bottom of the screen so I cant imagine where they would put this button. Please help!?
Rae says:
It seems as the start button isn’t there but it is. It’s the same color as the box which is dumb but once you scroll down after selecting thread and hit ok on remote it should start
Barack says:
using the remote control pick the down button then OK until the download starts
JohnK says:
I can often download, but the download bar doesn’t move like it used to. I have to go back to the main page, then choose downloads to see what percentage has downloaded so far. Repeat, repeat….
Gothy says:
Thank you so much for that Mark Jones. Could not for love or money figure out how to start the download.
Jeff Rose says:
I had two problems with downloading that seem to be resolved now. I thought other might have good results too.
1. On my device, I saw no button or link to start the download. Thank you Mary Jones for pointing out where the start button is on the download pop-up dialog. Even though I can not not see the link, I can start the download now.
2. I then started getting the same problem as a lot of other users with the message Error and no download actually occurring. All I had to do, is use the slider on the pop-up to increase the number of threads from 3 to 12 and off it went. Downloading fine now.
DiandalScotland says:
1. Click on a film or TV show (Manifest) for me at
2. Click if tv show season, then episode, then the
play triangle in middle of screen.
3. Give it a minute or 2 to search for links then click
on one, then click Download option.
4. You then need to select how many threads you
want to download from. Usually above 15 does it
for me but not always. Then click start at bottom
5. Wait a few minutes for download to start, be
patient. If however after 5minutes or it comes up
error, you need to try another link.
* I’m not sure exactly what the threads slider is for
but I’m thinking it’s hosts or something. *
Emma says:
How can i download a movie or tv show in english? Everytime i select a link it is in another language.

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