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How To Clear the Cache on Android TV?

How To Clear the Cache on Android TV?

Every once in a while, you have to cut your lawn. As annoying as this chore happens to be, look at it this way: at least it indicates that your grass is healthy and growing well!

The same can be said about your Android TV cache. If it’s constantly filling up (and it should be), it’s merely a sign of a well-functioning Internet service. See, no computer-bound chore can be boring enough for a lad or a lass with a positive attitude!

In this article, we’ll talk about Android TV and how to clear its accumulated cache for increased performance. It’s a simple enough thing to do, in all fairness, so we’ll just present it to you in the format of a step-by-step instruction.

Right then, here’s how it goes.

1) Go to ‘Settings’

First of all, turn on your device. As the system loads up, you’ll see that there are multiple fields to choose from, such as Online Video, My Recommended, Settings etc. To get to the cache-clearing stuff, navigate to the right-most button called Settings and click on it.

(Usually, there’s the universally-recognized symbol of a cog above it as well, so you can’t possibly miss it.)

2) Click on the ‘Other’ Button

Now that you’ve clicked on Settings, a new page should load with four different options. As you might expect, the settings tab allows you to perform fine adjustments to your Android TV configuration. These would include Network, Display, Advanced Settings, as well as a special subsection called Other.

In order to clear cache, you’re going to be interested in the Other tab. You’ll find it positioned last all the way to the right end of the spectrum, so to speak. It should be a big yellow button, so it’s pretty conspicuous.

In here, you can also see some other information such as the model number of your device, as well as its current version. Also, you’ll find two different buttons on this tab. One called System Update (Guess what it does?), and the second called More Settings.

3) Click on the ‘More Settings’ Button

And once you do, you’ll immediately see a bunch of other settings displayed on the screen. These would include various adjustments related to Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Data Usage, as well as Sound, Display and some other categories.

Also, you’ll be able to see a tab marked ‘Personal’, so you can check that out if you need some further information about your personal information.

4) Click on ‘Storage’

To access the cache-clearing part of the deal, click on ‘Storage’. This will lead you into another window with multiple categories to choose from. The main purpose of this entire subsection is to showcase how the memory is used on this device, so you can expect multiple fields showing you the total space that’s available, how many of it is occupied by apps, as well as how much of it is currently available.

Also, you’ll find out more about how much it went on downloads, the miscellaneous, as well as how much is dedicated to cached data! (Which is the part that interests us.)

As you can see, the data we mentioned is also showcased visually. Each of the listed categories matches a certain color, while the entire amount of memory is represented by the bar itself. In the example above, the grey area makes for roughly 50% of memory.

5) Click on ‘Cached Data’

The last step to this equation would be to simply click on ‘Cached Data’ (here painted turquoise blue), click OK, wait for a while and Bob’s your uncle!

As you will see, the amount of MB’s will dramatically drop down when you complete the process and it will be more of a KB situation from then onwards. (Which is good!)

A cluttered cache can be a small but annoying issue with Internet-bound devices. It can mean the difference between watching your favorite TV show with a certain degree of leisure and joie de vivre and swearing at the innocent-looking wee black box six ways till Sunday in utter frustration.

In this regard, clearing up the cache can be a great way to make space for the data that really deserves it, and to get rid of the old data that’s just taking up space unnecessarily. All in all, we hope you found this article helpful and wish you many a merry and hassle-free hour of Android TV box enjoyment! (Even if you have to take out its digital garbage every once in a while.)

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2 thoughts on “How To Clear the Cache on Android TV?”

joseph says:
Your instruction crapped out my Kodi. Clearing cache wipped it out
Brian Sephton says:
A simple article to follow ,it is not for an android TV though is it ? It is for an android TV BOX .

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