How to Close Apps on Galaxy S9

Posted by Desmond Andrada on March 12, 2018

The Galaxy S9 is a kind of smartphone that perform smart functions in the background without you knowing about it. If you noticed that your phone lags a bit or the battery drains fast, perhaps the issue could be that your apps are running in the background.

Things you should know about Closing Apps on Galaxy S9

  • You can click on the dedicated option to identify the recently used apps you’re not using and is still active
  • The button at the left side of the home button is the multitasking capacitive button
  • Click on the card sign of the dedicated app to switch from an app
  • To close a specific app, swipe to the left or right, and it’ll disappear from the menu
  • If you want to end the use of all the apps automatically, use the close all option (A big button at the bottom of the display)
  • Closing the apps from the menu will not delete the information on it. You can just resume from where you stopped by launching the app from the main menu

That is the basics on how you can control the apps that run on your Galaxy S9 background. However, you’ll be wasting CPU cycles and consuming fast the battery of your phone if you develop the habit of always closing apps your smartphone uses like internet, messages, contacts or more. Instead of closing those apps, we recommend that close the app that consumes your battery more and you don’t need, an app such as Gaming, Google Maps, or Navigation.