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Connecting Samsung Galaxy S9 to Kies (Solved)

Most of those who recently acquired the new Samsung Galaxy S9 are wondering if their smartphone can actually work with Kies. The new flagship phone from Samsung is capable of a lot of things. However, just as on Galaxy S8, the Kies is not supported by Samsung Galaxy S9. For those who tried connecting their Galaxy S9 to Kies, you must have recently that the connection was unsuccessful. This is mainly because Kies no longer supports the new versions of Samsung smartphones.

However, users still need an easy way of transferring files from their phone to their computer. Pictures, videos, and music files are large and take time to transfer wirelessly. Also, the users need to have an organized and systematic file transfer method.

The manufacturers are aware of this and have thus come up with a new software which works in pretty much the same way as the Kies. This new software is known as the Smartswitch. If you want to use Smartswitch, all you have you do is download and install Smartswitch on your PC. You can get the Smartswitch software from Samsung’s official website. Just go to the website and locate through the links for the Smart Switch for Windows [1].

Smart Switch for Mac

If you are an Apple Mac user, you can also get the Smart Switch for MAC [1] for both the MAC and Windows versions. Once you finish installing the software, you can connect your Samsung Galaxy S9 to the PC using a USB cable and start using the software.

The options available to you will be displayed on your Galaxy S9 as soon as the Smartswitch software detects your Galaxy S9 and your PC. End users of Samsung Galaxy S9 will be able to use this feature to transfer files and photos as well as Calendars, Messages, Contacts, Music, and Video.