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Connecting Samsung Note 5 To Kies (Solved)

Connecting Samsung Note 5 To Kies (Solved)

For those that own the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and want to know if Kies works on the Note 5, the simple answer is no. You will notice when connecting the Samsung Note 5 to the computer and sync it with the Samsung Kies 3 software, it won’t work. The reason that Kies won’t work with Galaxy Note 5 is because Samsung’s Kies 3 no longer supports the new smartphones from Samsung. But the good news is that instead of Kies 3, Samsung has introduced a new software called “Smart Switch”.

Similar to Samsung Kies, Smart Switch does basically the same thing and requires you to install it on your PC computer. SmartSwitch can be downloaded from the official Samsung website and below are the links for both Mac and Windows, the file is about 37MB in size:



After you have installed Smart Switch on your Mac or PC, you can easily connect your Samsung Note 5 to the computer with a USB to get the software to start working. When the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is connected via the USB cable, the software Smart Switch will automatically detect the device and gives you all the options on the screen.

Now you can use the Samsung Smart Switch to transfer files to the Note 5 including contacts, photos, music, videos, messages, notes, calendars and more.



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May 15, 2016

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