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Delete Songs On Samsung Galaxy S9

Delete Songs On Samsung Galaxy S9

The new Samsung Galaxy S9 has one of the most impressive Play Music App library that enables you to store and listen to any kind of music you want. Despite its great purpose, there comes a time when you find the need to get rid of some songs from the music library. Most people delete songs that have been in the library for too long while to some of us, we just want to delete some songs to free up more space for newer songs. Obviously, the choice of which and how many songs to delete is yours but the procedure to do that might be too complicated especially if you have never done it before.

The truth of the matter is that the process of deleting songs on your Galaxy S9 is not that complicated. In fact, there are two simple methods of doing that. The difference in the two procedures depends on where the songs to be deleted have been stored on your Galaxy S9. You can save songs in the smartphone directly or on the Play Music App’s library.

How To Delete Songs From Samsung Galaxy S9

For those who have the tendency of simply saving songs directly on their smartphone without moving them into the music library, you can easily delete them by locating which folder in the smartphone are the songs stored. In that specific location, pick on all the songs or albums you would like to delete.

Once all the songs to be deleted have been selected, tap on the menu icon look through the list of option for the Delete option. Tap on Delete then confirm this action by tapping OK. Once you do that, all the songs in that location which were scheduled for deletion will be permanently removed from your Galaxy S9 smartphone. You can repeat the same procedure for any other songs stored in a different location.

Deleting Songs Stored In The Music Play Library Of Your Galaxy S9

In some cases, you might try to delete a song only to find the Delete option is not available in the menu options. If this happens, you are simply being told that the song has been saved in the Play Music App’s library, in which case, the only way to delete such a song is to access it from the Google Play Music.

To delete such songs, log into your Google Play Music account then head to the Music library. The Music library will contain all the songs that are on your device but cannot be deleted in the same manner as illustrated in the previous section. Now select all the songs you would like to eliminate then tap the menu icon to bring up a list of options. Look for and tap on the option to Delete.

Once all the unwanted songs have been deleted either from your Google Play Music account or directly from your Galaxy S9, you can now begin to refresh your music selections.

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