Does Disney Plus Have Commercials?

One of the greatest appeals of Disney Plus is that it will be commercial-free. With one slight exception. Disney Plus won’t run any ads, but it will feature a promotion for the Starz channel, if it will only air once.

It sounds confusing, so read on for more info, to learn everything about commercials and ads on the brand-new Disney Plus streaming service. Don’t worry though, you won’t see any commercials while watching anything on Disney Plus.

The Disney Plus Starz Promotion

Disney has previously given out licenses to streaming companies like Netflix and Starz. Only now, with a streaming platform of their own, Disney wants to separate from other services and keep everything to themselves.

Since Starz owned the streaming rights to Disney movies and TV shows, such as Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Disney decided to throw Starz a bone and promote their channel. This way, Disney can move their content from the Starz channel to Disney Plus and stay on good terms with Starz.

When you sign up for Disney Plus the first time, you’ll see a banner advertisement for the Starz cable network. You’ll see this only once, on the Disney Plus login page. After that, there won’t be any more ads.

You can watch all the incredible Disney content on the Disney Plus service, totally ad-free.

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How Is Disney Plus Monetized

If there are no ads, it means that Disney Plus must be really expensive, right? False. At the time of writing, Disney Plus is actually very affordable. However, that might well change in the future, but for now, Disney wants to get as many people interested in their service, and to that end, their marketing is on point.

Besides the low price, Disney has tons of great content. Some of which is their own, but they have also acquired some massive studious and licensing rights along the way. You can watch content from Disney, Marvel Studios, Lucas Film (Star Wars), National Geographic, and Pixar.

All available for a reasonable monthly subscription. In addition, Disney offers some amazing yearly bundles, which were especially cheap if you got them when the channel launched. There are still some great bundle deals available, such as the one with Hulu and ESPN.

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Disney Plus, ESPN Plus, and Commercial-Free Hulu

Disney Plus is great on its own, but if you like watching Hulu and ESPN, there’s an even better option available. You can get a bundle for a great price that has all the three services combined. And you can get Hulu with or without commercials.

The ad-free version costs a little extra, but it’s well worth it if you dislike seeing ads (and honestly, who likes ads?) Here’s the best way to get the three services, including the commercial-free Hulu:

  1. Sign up separately for the commercial-free Hulu.
  2. Use the same email account you used to sign up for Hulu to sign up for the Disney Plus bundle deal
  3. You’ll get Disney Plus, ESPN and Hulu ad-free, but Hulu will be charged separately. Disney will compensate for the balance you pay for the Hulu with ads in their bundle. In the end, you’ll pay less but still enjoy totally ad-free content on all three services.

Rest assured, even if you have an active Hulu subscription, you can still sign up for the bundle. In turn, you’ll, as mentioned above, get compensation from Disney. The only important thing to remember is to use the same email address.

All relevant info can be found on the official Hulu support website.

Commercial-Free Streaming

There are many streaming services around today, but Disney Plus seems like a promising new platform. Their decision not to play commercials is very smart and gives them an edge over the competition. If you like Hulu, or are already subscribed, you can get the bundle deal with Hulu, Disney Plus, and ESPN Plus.

And you won’t be forced to watch any commercials if you get the ad-free version. Are you already a Disney Plus subscriber? How do you like it so far? Let us know in the comments section below.

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