Disney Plus Redeem Now Not Working – What to Do

Disney’s hot new subscription service is taking the streaming world by storm. The aggressively low pricing and heaps of content are having people flock to subscribe. And Disney is doing their best to make it as enticing as possible by partnering with a huge number of outlets to offer deals for people to get started.

One of those deals comes in the form of 12 free months with select Verizon services. If you’re having trouble figuring out how to redeem your free Disney Plus subscription, you’ll find out how to do so in this article.

So, What’s the Deal?

For a limited time, Verizon customers that have unlimited phone plans, 5G home internet or Fios home internet are eligible to receive a 12-month subscription to Disney Plus for free. The subscription will allow for up to four devices to stream Disney Plus and unlimited viewing profiles. Customers that don’t have unlimited phone plans can upgrade their plan to become eligible for the offer.


Savvy customers will take note of a separate but related offer that Apple is making. People who purchase an iPhone 11 will receive a year-long subscription to Apple’s upcoming service, Apple TV. Therefore, with the purchase of an iPhone 11 with a Verizon Unlimited plan, consumers will be getting $144 worth of subscription services along with their phones.

Disney Plus with Verizon 5G or Home Internet

To get a Disney Plus subscription with Verizon, you’ll first have to make sure that you have qualifying service. You can find out if you qualify by simply going to Verizon’s dedicated page for Disney Plus subscriptions.

Once you’re on the page, scroll down until you see the words “Get yours with Unlimited or 5G Home”. Under that banner, you’ll see several options.


If you have an unlimited plan you just want to redeem your subscription, click on the link right below the first option, “Already have Unlimited?” which will direct you to a sign-in page where you’ll enter your Verizon account information.

When you log in, you’ll be redirected automatically to a page where you’ll be asked to confirm that you wish to redeem the Disney Plus offer. When you redeem the offer, your 12-month subscription period will start immediately. If you already have a Disney Plus account, the clock on that account will stop and the free subscription will kick in. After the 12 free months, you’ll start back up on your original subscription.

If you don’t already have an unlimited plan with Verizon, you’ll need to select one of the other options on the page. It’s pretty self-explanatory, but you can upgrade your plan, start a new plan, or switch to 5G home internet to become eligible.

Each of the options will redirect you to a page that walks you through setting up the desired service. After you set up the Verizon service, you can navigate back to Verizon’s Disney Plus page and go through the process described above.

Redeeming Disney Plus from A Mobile Device

If you want to use a mobile device to redeem the free subscription you can do so from the My Verizon app. Alternatively, you can use the above site on a mobile browser as well, very little will change in terms of the interface.

Install the My Verizon app on your mobile device and log in with your Verizon account. Then, tap on the drop-down menu in the home screen and access “My Account”. In your account, select “Add Ons” and then tap on “Entertainment”. You’ll see the option to apply a promo code to your account, and then you’ll be given the option to link your Disney Plus account to the Verizon account. Once you link them, the subscription should start immediately.

Disney Plus with Fios

Finally, Verizon Fios customers will also be eligible to receive the subscription. When you sign up for Verizon’s new Fios service, and if your Fios account is eligible, you’ll be sent an email with a link to redeem your 12 months through My Verizon or My Fios. If you don’t receive that email after signing up for Fios, contact Verizon customer support with the issue.


  1. What happens at the end of the 12-month free period? If you don’t cancel the Disney Plus subscription within those 12 months, it will turn into a normal Disney Plus subscription and your Verizon account will start getting billed at the monthly rate.
  2. Can I get more than one promotional subscription if I have more than one service? Yes, Verizon Wireless and Fios are billed separately and constitute separate accounts so one promotional subscription can be redeemed per account.
  3. If I suspend my Verizon service do I also suspend the Disney Plus subscription? Yes, the Disney Plus subscription will also be suspended while the Verizon account remains suspended.

Broaden Your Verizons with Disney Plus

As you can see, redeeming your free subscription from Verizon is pretty straightforward. It can be done from any browser by visiting Verizon’s dedicated page or from mobile devices through the My Verizon or My Fios apps. Keep in mind that if you choose to take advantage of this offer, it will turn into a regular subscription after 12 months and you’ll start getting charged on your Verizon account.

Would you consider switching to Verizon now that they have this offer? Or, would it make sense for you to upgrade your current Verizon service to take advantage of it? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

9 thoughts on “Disney Plus Redeem Now Not Working – What to Do”

Avatar And Unsubscribe don’t know what too do says:
About a week ago I had someone from Verizon set me Disney + with the confirmation number in it was working fine “ it was free for 1 year “ now it’s telling I’m And search scribe
Avatar Lisa Easterling says:
I’m getting the same story by the Verizon rep on live chat. I’m not feeling very hopeful after reading these comments. :(
Avatar John Anderson says:
Verizon and Disney should be ashamed of themselves. Promises that they can’t fulfill. Rather pathetic for these large companies. I too have had the run around to try to redeem the Disney promotion. Funny thing is, one blames the other for the problems and we as customers have to put up with their inefficiencies. Verizon/Disney: more people hear of the bad experiences vs the good.
Customer service at Verizon has been accommodating but could not resolve the problem. Still no Disney service..
Avatar sposch says:
i was able to set up an account but can’t past the 7 day free trial or annual subscription page. Doesn’t recognize me as an eligible Verizon customer because my code has already been redeemed. By whom???
Avatar John Anderson says:
I had the same experience. Ridiculous
Avatar Damian J Wosick says:
Don’t sign up with Verizon or upgrade your current plan just to get Disney+ free for 12 months like I did. Everything worked great the day I signed up, then try to login again and doesn’t recognize your email address. I’m just getting the run a round. Will most likely cancel unlimited data plan and pretend this nightmare never happened.
Avatar Colin Easom says:
Same problem as everyone else here. The Verizon redemption code didn’t; work. I contacted Verizon and wad told a new code would come within an hour. It’s been a week and still no code. I contacted Verizon again and they said I have to connect directly to Disney Plus. I’ve been on hold for over two hours with Disney on three separate occasions trying to get through without success. Who has time for this much chasing up? Disney needs to step up and provide an extended free service for those of us affected.
Avatar Sharon says:
These liars at Verizon and have been telling me they would send me the correct link in 24 hours. IT never comes. You call again and they send you to the add on page where the disney+ is supposed to be and it doesn’t show up. Then, they tell you some accounts aren’t ready for it yet, but they’ll ask manager to add my account. UGH
Avatar Gretchen Telke says:
not getting the verification code to enter to set up Disney account
Avatar Tracy says:
I wish this worked for me but it doesn’t. I am eligible, Verizon even sent me a text telling me so. For some reason the Disney option is not showing up my add in page. I called Verizon they don’t why just said they are having lots of trouble with it. They referred me to Disney who refers you back to Verizon. Any thoughts??
Avatar Kelly R says:
I am having the same trouble. I keep getting hung up on or told that the problem will be fixed in 24 hrs and then nothing. Same story every day.
Avatar C.M. says:
Hi, same problem ! anyone have the solution?

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