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Easy Fix If Your iPhone Is Charging Slowly or iPad Is Charging Slowly- Tip of the Week

Easy Fix If Your iPhone Is Charging Slowly or iPad Is Charging Slowly- Tip of the Week

It’s common for an Apple iPhone or iPad not to charge as fast as it use to, it may be because your iPhone is charging slowly. The reason for this is not because your Apple iPhone or iPad, but because something is blocking the connection and not allowing your Apple device to charge 100% like it would normally.

If you check out the Apple Support forum you will see many having similar issues with their iPhone and iPad. These issues range from charging an iPhone in the car, to iPad not charging completely when attached to the wall.

The main issue with the iPhone and iPad not charging normally is because something is blocking it from connecting normally. Generally it’s from a collection of debris, lint and other simple things that can clog your charging port and not allow from a perfect connection to charge your iPhone and iPad.

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The best way to remove these items from your charging port is to turn off your smartphone or tablet. Then use a toothpick, an open paperclip or something of that sort and gently place it into the charging port and remove the debris you find. If you turn it back on and your iPhone or iPad is still not charging like normal then using a can of compressed air into the charging port can help get rid of all the extra debris blocking the connection from happening.

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If this method still doesn’t solve your charging issue then it’s recommended that you purchase a new charging cord. This method is not 100% going to solve your issue since it may be a software issue and your may have to have Apple check it out. Some models of the iPhone are covered and will be replaced at no cost if there is a software issue. It’s best to check the Apple website to see if your iPhone model is covered by the software issue that Apple will either fix or replace at no cost.

Below is a YouTube video of how to clean your iPhone or iPad charging port:

KOFcollector - iPhone 5 charging Problem Solution





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