Why Was My Photo Rejected From eHarmony

eHarmony is one of the most trusted dating websites. Some of the rules may sound too strict, but you have to understand that eHarmony wants to protect its users and avoid scammers and fake profiles.

The website requires every user to fill out a lengthy questionnaire about their interests, habits, and preferences. After you fill it out, the site will find the perfect person for you, based on the things that you have in common. It is also important to upload a photo where other users can see your face.

Why Was My Photo Rejected?

Don’t stress out if eHarmony rejects your photo. Maybe it was a bit blurry, or you haven’t uploaded the right format. The company has some rules when it comes to pictures because they want to maintain the quality of their website, which made it so famous in the first place.

eharmony why was photo rejected

Here are some of the most common reasons why eHarmony might have rejected your photo.

Wrong File Extension

If you haven’t read the instructions, maybe you have uploaded a file with an incorrect extension. According to the website rules, all images have to be in .jpg format. We suggest you read guidelines carefully to avoid small mistakes like this.

You Are Not Alone in the Picture

One of the rules of eHarmony is that you have to upload a photo of you alone, without your friends and family. This rule is there to avoid confusion and situations when other people aren’t sure who they are talking to.

If it turns out you are a good match with someone, there will be time for him or her to meet your family and friends. Until then, they want to get to know you and see the photos of you.

You Are Not Visible, or the Photo Is Blurry

Here’s another measure to avoid scammers and people who are using photos of other persons. You want to see a real picture of the person that you are talking to, and they have the right to see the photo that truly represents you.

Provocative Content or Nudity

Nude photos are prohibited. Be careful with the beach images because they might get rejected. Of course, you don’t have to post a photo with a suit and tie, if that is not what you usually wear. You can wear whatever you want as long as you look polite and decent.

You Have Uploaded a Photo of an Object or Your Pet

eHarmony is an entirely transparent website, and your profile photo must represent you. That’s why pictures of your pet, your house, or nature are not allowed. If you want to show that you are interested in photography, you can write that in your profile’s description.

There’s a Child in the Photo

Photos with children are not allowed because of safety reasons. eHarmony respects children’s privacy, so uploading images that contain children is unacceptable. After all, you are supposed to upload a photo of yourself alone.

Your Photo Contains Personal Information

Uploading photos that contain any personal or identifying information is another no-no. The picture mustn’t include your name, address, or phone number. Some people are surprised when they hear that even social media usernames count as personal information. Therefore, it is not allowed to show them or link to your other profiles.

The Photo Shows You Doing Something Illegal

Whatever that might be, you are not allowed to upload photos that contain any illegal activity. Some people think it is funny to upload a photo of them breaking the law. Even though you might believe that your picture can’t harm anyone, it is prohibited to upload such images.

Your Photo Contains Vulgar Gestures or Gang Signs

eHarmony is an online platform based on tolerance and equal rights for everyone. It is prohibited to post photos that might offend someone, whether it is on a national, racial, or gender basis, or something else. People who try to upload a photo of themselves showing a disrespectful sign or gesture are risking getting banned from the website.

It is not allowed to upload photos that contain gang signs or colors that are related to particular gangs. eHarmony is doing everything to avoid conflicts and arguments among its users.

Your Photo Depicts a Dead Animal

Many people find photos of dead animals disturbing. Moreover, there are a lot of vegans and vegetarians on this website, and you have to be considerate of them as well.

Nevertheless, assuming that you want to upload a photo of you in a fancy restaurant eating fish, it is allowed to upload a photo that contains dead fish. However, remember that you have to be the central figure in the picture, not the fish, or any other dish.

What Kind of Photo Should I Upload?

You may be wondering what kind of photo you are allowed to upload. Don’t worry, because as long as you avoid the things mentioned above, your photo will probably be OK.

Make sure that the photo is clear and that people can see your face. We suggest you put a smile on your face because people who are smiling look more attractive.

Also, choose a recent picture that accurately represents you. If you meet that special person, you don’t want them to be disappointed when they meet you in person and realize that you are not the person from the picture. It might seem scary to post a photo that truly represents you if you are not satisfied with your looks. However, being honest is essential.

eharmony photo rejected

Follow the Rules, and You’ll Be OK

We hope that you now have a better understanding of eHarmony and the rules regarding profile photos. Just follow the guidelines outlined above, and you’ll surely make a fantastic profile.

Is there any rule that surprised you? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments section below.

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