How To Enable Developer Mode On Galaxy S9 And S9+

Some users who have purchased the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus have reported that some issues can’t be fixed on the general options found in the settings. Namely, the controls, features, and security. But do you know that Google has a hidden setting made for advanced users?

What’s In The Developer Mode

However, if you would like to access the hidden features, you can enable the Developer Mode of your Samsung Galaxy S9. The Developer Mode has the ability to enable the USB Debugging. It can also control a particular part of the device and even change the settings.

This is a good and helpful feature, especially for those who love to dig out what’s on their smartphones. But most especially for the techy-ones out there. The developer mode enables you to explore the possibilities. It enables you to mess around with the features that you were not even aware was there. You can learn how to enable now the Developer Mode on your Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+ in a very easy way. Continue reading the guide below.

Enabling The Developer Mode

The developer mode is sensitive. However, you don’t have to worry about causing damage to your Samsung Galaxy S9 if you have decided to enable it. This mode is the best solution if you’re searching for a specific setting.

  1. The first thing you need to do is to launch the Settings App
  2. Find out what’s your “Build Number” by scrolling through the options until you find one that’s labeled as “About Device”
  3. Tap on the numbers you see on the display multiple times until it shows up. Hit it four more times to complete the process
  4. Go back to the main settings again by hitting the back button
  5. Then once you’re inside the “About Device” menu, you’ll notice that a new option has been added up labeled as “Developer Option”
  6. Tap on this option. You’ll be amazed that you’re inside a menu you haven’t seen before

There are more settings inside the Developer Mode which is made for advanced users. There are also numerous options such as making your phone feel quicker by changing the animation scale from 1x to 0.5x. This is how powerful the Developer Mode is.


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