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How To Enable Developer Mode On Google Pixel 2

How To Enable Developer Mode On Google Pixel 2

The new Google Pixel 2 has a lot of features that have been reserved for the advanced user. The good news is that these features can be accessed by enabling the developer mode on Pixel 2.

The developer mode provides you with extensive options of your smartphone. You can change settings and you can also switch on USB debugging for advanced options hidden from normal users.

The developer mode option lets developers access special debugging and other advanced features. If you are not a developer, maybe you just want to install a 3rd party app or ROMS. Maybe you are just curious about your new phone and you want to know it all. All you need to do is to unlock the developer mode menu. It’s very easy to unlock this mode. You can do it by following some simple steps that I will explain below.

Can I Activate Developer Mode?

You should know that activating the developer mode option does not mean that you will cause damage to your smartphone. It will simply grant access to some hidden options. If you want to make major changes on your device, you will need these settings.

How to activate Developer Mode on Pixel 2

Locate the settings menu, you can easily do this by using your finger to drag down the notification bar and then click on the gear icon on your screen. Search for About Device in Settings and then click on the “build number.” (You will need to quickly tap this option like 6-7 times to have access to the developer menu). After tapping it for awhile, a prompt will come up and you will need to tap it four more times and you are set. Then tap on the back option and you will return to normal settings on your Google Pixel 2.

A new option will appear on the list of your normal settings before your the “About device” option called the Developer option. Click on it and it will take you to the developer menu has been previously unavailable. Activate this option to have access to all the functions of the Developer mode for an advanced user. The major advantage of enabling the developer mode is that it gives access to settings that are not available to the standard user. Search through the settings available on the developer mode and you will see settings like the animation feature that you can reduce form the default 1x to 0.5x to increase the processing speed of your phone.

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Dec 15, 2017

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