How To Enable Developer Options On Essential PH1

The Essential PH1 comes with more than a couple of awesome features. There are also different choices that Google has decided to keep secret from the average user. These ‘hidden’ features are known as Developer Options. They include tools that are most useful to app developers and power users. Gaining access to these options is very easy.
Using the Developer options, gives you total control of your device’s featured added aspects. Certain settings and features like USB debugging require activation of the Developer Options.
Turning on developer options is simple. All it takes is a few taps. Discussed below are the steps on how to enable the Developer options on your Essential PH1.

How to Enable Developer Options on Essential PH1

To start off, make your way to the settings menu . You can access the setting menu by swiping down the notifications bar and tapping the gear icon. Then, maneuver your way to “About device” and tap the “Build Number”
After several quick  taps you will find  the prompt and then tap  on it four more times and you’re finished. Then click on to select on the back button and maneuver your way back into the main base menu on the Essential PH1 device. After you have made your way to the main base settings menu, you  will see  a new new addition to the setting that reads: “About device”.
Directly above the “About device” setting is the Developer option and once accessed or tapped on, will bring the users to options or choices that were previously secret ot they did not have access to in the past. Which needs to be enabled in order for the user to enjoy its functionality to the fullest/
After you have opt to enable the Developer Options on your Essential PH1 device, rest assured that no damaged will be incurred by the device, you will only have the ability to see option or choices that Google hide from daily users for a reason. However, there are owners who would like to modify their devices or smartphones, these setting that were originally hidden, would then need to be accessed.

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