How To Fix Essential PH1 Fast Battery Drain

Essential’s PH1 is one of the best current devices out there.  It is remarkably an excellent device. However, a quickly dying battery has been known as one of this device’s issues.

These issues are sometimes caused by bloated apps running in the background, or other reasons. We will be discussing how to correct the fast battery drain on your Essential PH1 device.

Disable LTE, Location, Bluetooth

Forgotten connections such as wifi, 5G and Bluetooth are common causes of battery drain. Whenever they aren’t necessary you should turn these services off to preserve battery life. If you need these services all the time then we recommend the Android Power Save Mode. The applications will only be enabled when badly needed, like for navigation for instance.

Use Essential PH1 Power-Saving Mode

The “Power Saving Mode” automatically limits certain features in order to save battery. You can stop background data, switch off GPS and backlit keys or control framerate. You can adjust these settings manually or let the OS set them automatically based on use.

Disable Wifi

Wi Fi is also a major culprit in killing the battery on your Essential PH1 device. Leaving wifi on the whole day is a surefire way to drain your battery. Most users do not need to be connected to WIFI, everyday all day, and it is very ideal for all users to turn it off (WiFi) when not in use . Even in times when a 3G or 4G or LTE is being used, WiFi still needs to be turned off, when it is not needed.

Disable Or Manage Background Sync

When there are applications on your device that have been opened, this can prove to be fatal to your device’s battery life, and the most efficient way to rectify the fast draining battery is to close or disable those applications. Which can quickly be done by pulling down on your home screen with 2 of your fingers and hitting Sync to disable it.

Another way is to maneuver to Settings then Accounts and disable any sync for the application you do not need. You will for sure notice that when facebook sync is disabled, the Essential PH1 battery life gets a little better.

Reboot or Reset Essential PH1

There are times when the Essential PH1 is dying or failing, the most efficient way to rectify  this is to perform a factory reset on the device.  The best reason behind this is it would give the device a fresh starting point , Just follow the steps on how to reboot & reset the Essential PH1.

Limit Tethering

Limit the tethering action that you do on your Essential PH1 device. Undeniably the Essential PH1’s capacity to tether to the Internet is such a cool feature but it also at the same time kills the battery, and if you want to preserve your device’s battery life, it would be in your best interest to switch tethering completely off, or at least limit the time that it is being enabled.

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