Error In The App Store For Mac OS Yosemite (Solution)

Go ahead and install the latest Yosemite Update on your Mac, they say. It will improve the compatibility, the stability, and the security of your Mac, they say. And now you’re stuck with this annoying Mac app store error saying “there was an error in the app store. please try again later. (,)” and can be a headache to deal with.

What’s that Yosemite Update Error on Mac you keep getting? How can you get over it and get back the stability and compatibility you wanted to have in the first place? Read on and perhaps your Mac App Store issue will be a bit more manageable.

First, let’s make sure we’re on the same page here.



How it starts:

Passionate Mac users want to try the free upgrade that the Yosemite represents. But whether they try it on a MacBook, a MacBook Pro, or other Mac, chances are one message will keep coming back:


“There was an error in the App store. Please try again later. (null)”


And that’s it. Nothing else, no other information available. As annoying as it might be, they still want to upgrade from 10.9 to 10.12.


The context: 

First time this error occurred was actually the day of Yosemite’s public final release. People who tried making the upgrade that very same day kept getting this error saying there was an error in the app store. please try again later. (4). It was all over the internet and people hoped it was just an Mac App Store issue.

Initially, they thought it could be because there were too many people attracted by this free upgrade of the OS X. And since it was a brand new release, everyone was accessing the Apple store, trying to get it, hence the error that so many were receiving.

But as the days were passing by, the general irritation kept growing. The same frustrating message “There was an error in the App store. Please try again later. (,)” kept popping up. Moving on to the next screen, the message was indicating that the user’s account settings might require some adjustments.

It was beginning to look as if it’s more than just a release-day problem.

If you’re reading this today, you must be thinking the same. Here’s how it worked out, eventually, for some users.


Ideas to eliminate from the start:

It looks like a Mac App Store error, but it’s not. Aside from Apple simply never doing such things, you’d have to think:

  • Is this the only computer you’re using?
  • Is this only one Apple ID you’re using?
  • Have you tried installing other apps from the same Apple ID?
  • Did you get this error with any of the other apps?


If you answered yes to the first three questions and no to the last one, chances are it’s not a Mac App Store Error. So what can it be?


The one simple thing you need to focus on: 

The error alone, “There was an error in the App store. Please try again later. (4)”, indeed leaves you clueless. But it’s what’s coming next that should give you the right clue.

Basically, you are told to review your account settings and fill in the security info.

Well, that’s all you need to do: fill in the security info and you should be able to successfully download and then install the Yosemite update on your MacBook.


Why did you have to go through all that: 

In case you didn’t know, Apple always recommends users who want to update their OS X to first backup their personal data. This one, of course, is designed to protect you from data loss. And even though, many times, an in-place upgrade backup will be performed by Apple’s products automatically, there might be situations like this one when you need to take an extra step.

Solve this security issue and you should solve your Yosemite update error on Mac.


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