Essential PH1 Fingerprint Sensor Not Working

The fingerprint sensor on the Essential PH1 is meant for enhancing the security and privacy on your smartphone. However, it has become common to find many individuals facing some sort of issues with their fingerprint sensor. You’ll either find that the fingerprint sensor has problems when you try to enable or disable it. But whichever problem you might be facing, we have come up with a host of solutions that we believe will help you solve this problem on your Essential PH1. Try out these solutions to get over whichever headache you might have gone through because of a faulty fingerprint sensor.

Using Essential PH1 Fingerprint Sensor

Before you can be satisfied that your Essential PH1 fingerprint sensor isn’t working, you need to first check that it is turned on by going to your settings and open Lock Screen and Security option. From here, go to Screen Lock type and locate the Fingerprints setting. From here, you need to follow the onscreen procedures which will guide you on how to enable and set up the fingerprint scanner on your Essential PH1 smartphone. You can also remove or add more fingerprints to the scanner.

The fingerprint scanner can be of very great value but most significantly, it allows you to use different passwords when you are browsing the internet where you will be required to sign in as well as when downloading a variety of apps to authenticate your Essential account.

The guide below gives an illustrative follow-up on how to set up the upgraded Essential PH1 fingerprint scanner.

Set up the Fingerprint Sensor

With the new in-built fingerprint scanner, you can be assured of more protection for your Essential PH1 smartphone and what is even better is that you won’t have to interfere with your device unlock codes or passwords. The fingerprint scanner is both easy to set up and use. Just follow the steps provided below;

  1. Power on your Essential PH1 smartphone
  2. Once it has been powered on, open your settings and locate the Lock Screen and Security Settings
  3. Tap on Fingerprint and the select the Add fingerprint option
  4. Follow the instructions to scan your fingerprints
  5. Once through, create a backup password for your Essential PH1
  6. To enable the Fingerprint Scanner, click Ok

If you need to unlock your device all you have to do is long press on home button using your finger and it should open your device.

Disabling the Fingerprint Sensor

It is equally important to learn how to disable the fingerprint sensor if you find it not necessarily later on. You may not like the functionality of opening your phone with your thumbrpirint. If you don’t find the Essential PH1 Touch ID feature, you can turn it off using the instructions below;

  1. Switch on the Essential PH1
  2. Go to your Home screen and access the Menu
  3. Open the Settings Menu
  4. Tap on the Lock Screen and Security
  5. Tap on the Screen Lock Type

Once you have gone through all these steps, you still need to use your fingerprints to be able to turn off the feature. You can then change to a different system of unlocking your lock screen by choosing one of the following options;

  • Swipe
  • Password
  • Pattern
  • None

Changing how to unlock your Essential PH1 will make it possible for you to disable or turn off the Essential PH1 fingerprint sensor whenever you don’t feel like using it.

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